Category: Opinion

  • Pipeline report reveals abuse of power

    Investigators concluded that Gov. Roy Cooper had “improperly used the authority and influence of his office” to pressure Duke Energy for concessions as it sought permits for a natural-gas pipeline.

  • Conservatives might need a dose of the 1970s  

    The times have a fin de siècle feel for small-government conservatives. The Republican Party is now “owned” by Donald Trump who, in his first year, increased government expenditures by 86% over the last budget proposed by George W. Bush in 2008. The self-professed “king of debt” requested…

  • When government push comes to shove

    Government is inevitable and necessary because human beings are flawed creatures with temptations, inherent in our unchangeable human natures, to break the very rules that allow civilization to flourish.

  • States should drive health reform

    Democrats and Republicans have been debating health care reform for decades in Washington. It’s the wrong location — and which national plan to adopt is the wrong question.

  • Must test scores be political weapons?

    The fact that North Carolina is significantly above average when it comes to the estimated effectiveness of schools ought to serve as a helpful corrective to the hyperbole that so often pervades political debates about education policy.

  • Name-calling won’t help Cooper

    Repairing roads damaged by hurricanes and paying property owners harmed by the Map Act have been costly, but they do not fully explain the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s cash crunch.

  • Sanders, Warren, and the problem with taxes

    The Democratic party’s most radically progressive candidates, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, have promised to impose a tax on wealth. To be clear, wealth is distinct from income. Wealth is accumulated income in the form of savings and investments and real assets such as real estate, antique or art collections,…