2024 primaries are important crossroads for GOP

In recent years, the Republican Party has found itself at a crossroads, torn between traditional conservative values and the rising tide of populism. Nowhere is this conflict more evident than in North Carolina, where the battle for the soul of the GOP has profound implications for both the state and the nation as a whole....

Algenon Cash

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The Debrief: Opportunity Scholarships, Early Voting, and Hog Farm Spin

This week on ‘The Debrief’: Demand for Opportunity Scholarships sets a record, early voting starts next week, tackling the spin about North Carolina’s hog farms, and the political lessons we can learn from Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey. Be sure to visit CarolinaJournal.com each day for the latest on North Carolina politics and public...


Appeals Court to hold Feb. 15 oral arguments in state Senate redistricting dispute

A federal Appeals Court will hold oral arguments on Feb. 15 in a lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s new state Senate election map. It’s the same date plaintiffs in the case had requested a court decision about an injunction against the map.

CJ Staff