Earls is right — legislature should reform Judicial Standards now

As a  conservative commentator, I rarely find agreement with Democrat NC Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls. However, today I do.  The North Carolina Judicial Standards Commission should not be in the business of policing political speech. As reported by Carolina Journal,  Earls — the most liberal and outspoken member of the state Supreme Court — has filed...

Dallas Woodhouse

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Cooper vetoes elections and appointments bills, accuses Republicans of racism

Gov. Roy Cooper, whose approval ratings recently dipped into negative territory, vetoed bills Thursday dealing with election reforms and government appointments. Cooper signaled his intent to veto Senate Bill 747, the election measure, in a video message. Cooper accused Republicans of “using the advice of Trump’s handpicked election denier Cleta Mitchell.” However, while Senate Republicans...

Alex Baltzegar

Morgan to step down from NC Supreme Court in September

Senior Associate Justice Michael Morgan will resign from the North Carolina Supreme Court in early September, shortly after the court’s next official opinion day. Political observers have reported that Morgan could announce a run for the Democratic nomination for governor.

CJ Staff