State Appeals Court tosses out lawsuit challenging N.C. certificate-of-need restrictions

A unanimous N.C. Court of Appeals panel has dismissed a New Bern eye surgeon’s challenge against the state’s certificate-of-need restrictions. Yet Judge John Tyson’s written opinion highlighted problems associated with the state's CON process.

CJ Staff

NC patients pay for hospital law that kills competition

North Carolina ophthalmologist Jay Singleton has a state-of-the-art vision center in New Bern east of Fayetteville, where he can treat patients at a fraction of big hospital costs. Unfortunately, the state won’t let him use his space for most of the surgeries he performs. Instead, Singleton must drive two miles down the road to a...

Jaimie Cavanaugh, Daryl James

Baby formula shortage should spur new thinking about regulations

No one should be happy about the baby formula shortage. There’s nothing good about watching families scramble to meet life-and-death needs of society’s most vulnerable members. That’s why this observer remains reluctant to declare any piece of the story a proverbial silver lining. Nonetheless, there is a chance that a good result could emerge from...

Mitch Kokai

Tillis, Burr among 20 senators behind bipartisan gun framework

On Sunday June 12, Democratic U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut announced that a group of U.S. senators had reached agreement on a package of gun reforms. Both of North Carolina’s senators, Republicans Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, were part of this bipartisan working group. 

David Larson

That 70s Show

Are the ’70s back? Hopefully not the fashion, but I’ll take the music. Tube socks with short shorts are a bad look for most people. Yet the world would be a better place if we listened to a little more “Saturday Night Fever” and Yacht Rock. Two things I had hoped we’d never relive from...

Amy Cooke

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