Category: Taxes and Budget

  • State Getting Sued Again

    Paul Chesser writes that the number of people suing the state increased by two, because of the way Gov. Mike Easley tried to balance the state’s budget the last fiscal year by transferring $80 million from the state’s Highway Trust Fund.

  • UNCG Faculty Donate Money to Staff

    The faculty at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro has provided state legislators and others a lesson in responsibility and charity in the face of dire fiscal times, writes Jon Sanders.

  • Senate Campaign Tax-Raising Dispute Illuminated

    Dr. Roy Cordato of the John Locke Foundation explains the truth after observing an interesting irony in an Oct. 2 article in the Raleigh News and Observer, in which U.S. Senate candidates Elizabeth Dole and Erskine Bowles accuse each other of supporting the largest tax increase in history.

  • N.C. Investors Look Elsewhere

    New data from the Secretary of State's office suggests that North Carolina investors are looking to other states for places to risk their venture capital, suggesting that adverse tax and regulatory policies are hampering our state's entrepreneurial climate.

  • Try a Little Leadership

    There's been a lot of bad news lately for taxpayers, so it comes as a welcome sign that the House rebuffed a bill today that would offer generous tax breaks for tourism-related developments around the state.

  • The Irony on Jones Street

    Lawmakers don't seem to have noticed the incongruity in how they vote and what they say about state taxes and economic competitiveness. The result is a classic case of dramatic irony.

  • They Raised Our Taxes, Again

    The new 7 percent sales tax starts December 1, just in time for holiday shopping. I am sure it will help us all get into the Christmas spirit – of giving, and giving, and giving. . .

  • N.C. Invents New Economics

    Until the North Carolina legislature came along, every school of economics warned against raising taxes in a recession. The new Jones Street school of economics begs, embarrassingly, to differ.

  • A Budget Deal, Finally?

    Reports are that Gov. Easley and the legislature have a budget deal. It could come to the floor for a vote as early as Thursday. Bad as it will likely be, it will bring a welcome end to a sorry spectacle.

  • Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

    The proposed state lottery for North Carolina is now defeated, yesterday's news. It's time to turn our attention to the real news of today and of the coming months in state government.