Former N.C. State Receiver Bo Hines has filed FEC paperwork to run in North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District.

“This is really a chance to come home,” Hines told Carolina Journal, after he decided to change his planned run for Congress from N.C.-5 to N.C.-13 instead of facing the dean of North Carolina’s congressional delegation, nine-term incumbent Rep. Virginia Foxx. Hines is changing his focus to a congressional district that will have no GOP incumbent because Rep. Ted Budd is running for U.S. Senate.

Carolina Journal first profiled Hines in January when the former N.C. State and Yale football player announced his run for Congress.

Carolina Journal first reported Hines may be switching districts on April 29 in a profile of former Davidson County Commissioner Zak Crotts who told CJ he is exploring a possible run for Congress in the district.

Hines grew up in Iredell County and his fiancé is also from there, giving him a connection to the current 13th district. Both he and his soon-to-be bride’s family have longtime business connections in the area.

“I am excited to be running in the 13th,” said Hines. “I think this change is best for a party that will now avoid an intense primary fight. This is where my roots are, and it is a welcome chance to come home.”

Nobody knows what a newly-drawn 13th Congressional District will look like, as the district will be altered when the state legislature draws new congressional districts this year.

Hines says that while he is changing districts, the issues he is fighting for are the same.

“To fight for fair trade, creating and protecting good jobs and economic opportunities,” he said. “To fight to invest in our infrastructure and negotiate quality affordable healthcare. To fight for regulation reform that simplifies business. To fight against the tyranny of mobs and big tech companies that want to take away our God-given rights.”

Bo Hines is the first known candidate to declare his intention to run in the open 13th District.