Lara Trump mobilizes NC Republicans, highlighting election integrity efforts

Lara and Eric Trump speak at NC GOP 2024 Convention with Jason Simmons. (Source: Carolina Journal)

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  • "We have to fight fire with dynamite… We’re going to beat them at their own game,” said Lara Trump, co-chair of the RNC at the NCGOP Convention Friday evening.

The Republican National Committee’s new co-chair Lara Trump spoke in her home state of North Carolina on Friday night for the state’s Republican Party convention, where delegates are meeting over the weekend to vote on agenda items ahead of the November election.  

Two hours before the evening event, Lara and Eric Trump were met with cheers and a round of applause as they entered the hotel lobby. Attendees wore Trump 2024 hats and were dressed in red, white, and blue attire. 

Roughly 1,000 people attended the Grand Old Party dinner on Friday, where Eric and Lara Trump took to the stage with Jason Simmons, the new chairman of the NCGOP. While former President Trump couldn’t attend the event in person, they called him from on stage and he spoke to the audience on speakerphone.

In April, Donald Trump, his campaign, and the party together raised $76 million compared to Biden and the Democrats’ $51 million, Laura Trump said while highlighting improvements taking place within the RNC. 

“I hope everyone has noticed that we’ve made a few changes. We’ve been raising massive amounts of money for Donald Trump and the Republican Party,” Lara said, thanking the audience for electing Donald Trump in both 2016 and 2020. “I think that if I don’t win this state again for Donald Trump – no pressure Jason – I’m out of the family. So are we going to deliver the state of North Carolina one more time for Donald Trump?”

Just two months into the leadership shake-up at the RNC, the bulk of the headquarters staff in Washington, DC is now dedicated to election integrity in an effort to be more proactive than reactive. They say they are taking steps to ensure a smooth election, including training people to work at polling locations.

“We can’t play the game the same way and think we’re going to win. We have to fight fire with dynamite… We’re going to beat them at their own game,” she said, encouraging everyone to ‘bank’ their vote when early voting begins.

“To be the co-chair of the RNC, and know that I started out at Laney High School and Noble Middle School in Wilmington, North Carolina, I truly hope I do you guys proud. Thank you,” she concluded.

Many Republican congressional candidates were in attendance and also spoke, including Laurie Buckhout, who’s running for Congress in District 1; Addison McDowell, running unopposed in District 6; Brad Knott, running for District 13; and Pat Harrigan, running for District 10. Hal Weatherman, running for lieutenant governor, hosted a meet-and-greet event after the dinner and took photos with many supporters. 

Ahead of her speech, the Democratic National Committee released a statement calling the two GOP leaders election deniers that were elevated by Donald Trump as part of his MAGA takeover.

“Trump’s deploying Whatley and Lara Trump on an anti-freedom, anti-democracy, conspiracy-theory trip to North Carolina to spread his toxic agenda. Under Whatley and Lara Trump, the RNC will keep doing what they do best: ensure that Trump’s desperate campaign and extreme agenda will deliver them embarrassing losses across the country in November,” said DNC Spokesperson Aida Ross.

The North Carolina DNC convention is scheduled for June 1 in Jamestown. Delegates will officially choose the Republican presidential nominee at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from July 15 to 18.