Robert Taylor, North Carolina’s deputy superintendent of public instruction, was recently selected as the new state superintendent of Mississippi’s public school system. Taylor, a Democrat, was hired by current N.C. Superintendent Catherine Truitt, a Republican, in 2021 for the leadership team of North Carolina’s public schools.

Taylor is a native of Mississippi and will lead that state’s 140-district school system.

“As far as parents are concerned, I want them to know that they can trust that when they send their children to school, that we’re going to do our level best to educate children,” Taylor told Mississippi media in a recent Zoom press conference. “I certainly believe that parents are the first teachers. They should have the loudest voice as it relates to how their children are educated.”

About 30 years ago, Taylor started his career as a teaching assistant in a Mississippi classroom. He went on to work in North Carolina as a classroom teacher and principal. Before joining the state education agency, he served as superintendent of Bladen County Schools.

“Our parents expect the best from us as educators, and I will work tirelessly to meet this goal. As always, parents should have the loudest voice regarding the education of their children, and as State Superintendent you will have my listening ear,” said Taylor. “The opportunity to return home to Mississippi and work hand in hand with all stakeholders to improve education is perhaps the pinnacle of one’s career. This opportunity has been afforded to my family and we look forward to our homecoming.”

Taylor begins the new role in January 2023.