Throughout election night, Carolina Journal will be providing up-to-the-minute results from key state and federal races across North Carolina. Check back for regular updates as the evening unfolds.

U.S. Senate race

Cheri Beasley (Democrat) vs. Tedd Budd (Republican). 10:30pm update: 47% Beasley, 51% Budd.

N.C. Congressional races

District 1: Don Davis (Democrat) vs. Sandy Smith (Republican) 10:30pm update: 53% Davis, 47% Smith

District 6: Kathy Manning (Democrat) vs. Christian Castelli (Republican) 10:30pm update: 54% Manning, 45% Castelli

District 13: Wiley Nickel (Democrat) vs. Bo Hines (Republican) 10:30pm update: 52% Nickel, 48% Hines

N.C. Supreme Court races

Sam J. Ervin IV (Democrat) vs. Trey Allen (Republican) 10:30pm update: 47% Ervin, 53% Allen

Lucy Inman (Democrat) vs. Richard Dietz (Republican) 10:30pm update: 47% Inman, 53% Dietz

Road to a GOP supermajority

Locke experts have identified the following nine Senate seats and 19 House seats as being instrumental in Republicans either winning or coming short of a supermajority. Republicans need a net pickup of three seats in the House and two seats in the Senate to achieve a supermajority and be able to overturn vetos from Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper. The Democrats’ goal, although a much less likely possibility, would be to flip one of the chambers. To do so they would need to gain four seats in the Senate and 10 in the House.

N.C. Senate races

SD 3: Valerie Jordan (Democrat) vs. Bobby Hanig (Republican) 9:45pm update: 49% Jordan, 51% Hanig

SD 4: Toby Fitch (Democrat) vs. Buck Newton (Republican) 9:45pm update: 43% Fitch, 57% Newton

SD 7: Marcia Ruth Morgan (Democrat) vs. Michael Lee (Republican) 9:45pm update: 51% Morgan, 49% Lee

SD 11: Mark Speed (Democrat) vs. Lisa Stone Barnes (Republican) 9:45pm update: 46% Speed, 54% Barnes

SD 17: Sydney Batch (Democrat) vs. Mark Cavaliero (Republican) 9:45pm update: 58% Batch, 41% Cavaliero

SD 18: Mary Wills Bode (Democrat) vs. E.C. Sykes (Republican) 9:45pm update: 56% Bode, 42% Sykes

SD 21: Frank McNeill (Democrat) vs. Tom McInnis (Republican) 9:45pm update: 46% McNeil, 54% McInnis

SD 24: Darrel Gibson Jr. (Democrat) vs. Danny Earl Britt, Jr. (Republican) 9:45pm update: 42% Gibson, 58% Britt

SD 42: Rachel Hunt (Democrat) vs. Cheryl Russo (Republican) 9:45pm update: 58% Hunt, 42% Russo

N.C. House races

HD 5: Howard Hunter III (Democrat) vs. Bill Ward (Republican) 9:45pm update: 48% Hunter, 52% Ward

HD 9: Brian Farkas (Democrat) vs. Timothy Reeder (Republican) 9:45pm update: 49% Farkas, 51% Reeder

HD 20: Amy Block DeLoach (Democrat) vs. Ted Davis Jr. (Republican) 9:45pm update: 50% DeLoach, 40% Davis

HD 24: Linda Cooper-Suggs (Democrat) vs. Ken Fontenot (Republican) 9:45pm update: 49% Cooper-Suggs, 51% Fontenot

HD 25: James D. Gailliard (Democrat) vs. Allen Chesser (Republican) 9:45pm update: 45% Galliard, 53% Chesser

HD 35: Terence Everitt (Democrat) vs. Fred Von Canon (Republican) 9:45pm update: 59% Everitt, 39% Von Canon

HD 40: Joe John (Democrat) vs. Marilyn Avila (Republican) 9:45pm update: 62% John, 36% Avila

HD 43: Elmer Floyd (Democrat) vs. Diane Wheatley (Republican) 9:45pm update: 53% Floyd, 46% Wheatley

HD 47: Charles Townsend (Democrat) vs. Jarrod Lowery (Republican) 9:45pm update: 37% Townsend, 61% Lowery

HD 48: Garland E. Pierce (Democrat) vs. Melissa Swarbrick (Republican) 9:45pm update: 53% Pierce, 47% Swarbrick

HD 54: Robert T. Reeves (Democrat) vs. Walter Petty (Republican) 9:45pm update: 57% Reeves, 43% Petty

HD 59: Sherrie Young (Democrat) vs. Jon Hardister (Republican) 9:45pm update: 49% Young, 51% Hardister

HD 62: Brandon Gray (Democrat) vs. John Faircloth (Republican) 9:45pm update: 51% Gray, 48% Faircloth

HD 63: Ricky Hurtado (Democrat) vs. Stephen Ross (Republican) 9:45pm update: 49% Hurtado, Ross 51%

HD 73: Diamond Staton-Williams (Democrat) vs. Brian Echevarria (Republican) 9:45pm update: 53% Staton-Williams, 47% Echevarria

HD 74: Carla Catalan Day (Democrat) vs. Jeff Zenger (Republican) 9:45pm update: 51% Day, 49% Zenger

HD 98: Christy Clark (Democrat) vs. John R. Bradford III (Republican) 9:45pm update: 53% Clark, 47% Bradford

HD 103: Laura Budd (Democrat) vs. Bill Brawley (Republican) 9:45pm update: 56% Budd, 44% Brawley

HD 104: Brandon Lofton (Democrat) vs. Don Pomeroy (Republican) 9:45pm update: 56% Lofton, 44% Pomeroy