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AFP-NC pushing fiscal responsibility, economic growth

2017 legislative agenda includes Taxpayer Protection Act, regulatory reforms

Americans for ProsperityNorth Carolina, a conservative grass-roots organization, on Wednesday released a 2017 legislative agenda that puts state spending limits atop the project list.

AFP asked the legislature to consider a Taxpayer Protection Act and to push tax reforms allowing North Carolinians to keep more of their money.

While AFP did not endorse any specific proposal, in 2015 the state Senate passed a Taxpayer Protection Act, a proposed constitutional amendment capping the state personal income tax rate at 5 percent, requiring surplus revenues to go to the rainy day fund, and limiting spending growth to not exceed the growth in state population plus the rate of inflation. That measure died in the House without reaching a vote.

Other priorities, outlined in a news release, include:

“One of the reasons it is so exciting to work for Americans for Prosperity is that we advocate for good policy year-round, not merely during election cycles,” AFP State Director Donald Bryson said. “Our aggressive state and federal legislative agendas reflect our tireless commitment to standing up for the taxpayers, workers, parents, and job creators against the special interest that want more of their money. There are dozens of opportunities for lawmakers to improve the lives of their constituents by getting government out of the way — our agenda is only a starting point.

“Politicians of both parties should be on notice: Americans for Prosperity is watching, and we will alert their constituents and hold those politicians accountable for votes not in the interest of economic freedom,” Bryson added.