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Cooper calls for removal of Confederate monuments

CJ file photo
CJ file photo

In a post on the website, on Tuesday Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper called for the removal or relocation of monuments honoring Confederates from state property. Cooper also asked the General Assembly to repeal a 2015 law barring local governments from removing those statues or monuments without the legislature’s approval.

“Our Civil War history is important, but it belongs in textbooks and museums  —  not a place of allegiance on our Capitol grounds. And our history must tell the full story, including the subjugation of humans created in God’s image to provide the back-breaking labor that drove the South’s agrarian economy,” Cooper wrote.

Cooper cited two incidents for his announcement:

• the violence this past weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, where white supremacists marched Friday night and clashed with left-wing protesters Saturday over plans by the city to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from a city park named after him and then rename the park. Three were killed and dozens injured, including one person who was killed after being run over by a car allegedly driven by one of the white supremacist protesters.

• an incident Monday night in Durham, where left-wing protesters pulled down and destroyed a Confederate statue on the grounds of the Durham County courthouse.

The governor called for repeal of the 2015 law so that local residents can determine the fate of Confederate monuments on county land; a study by the Department of Cultural and Natural Resources to estimate the cost of removing Confederate memorials from state property and possibly relocating them to museums or historical sites “where they can be studied in context”; and the defeat of a bill now in the General Assembly that would grant immunity to motorists who strike protesters.

“Those who attack protesters, weaponizing their vehicles like terrorists, should find no safe haven in our state,” he wrote.

The legislation passed the House and has not been voted on by the Senate.

  • cobki


  • sticky wicket

    Who does Roy Cooper think he is trying to erase history ? So the day after the statues are removed what changes ? Are hearts and minds of the haters, bigots , anti-Semites changed ? This Taliban style campaign the leftists across the country have been pursuing for years is divisive , accomplishes nothing and a waste of time and energy. This is a further jog to the left by the left because they are totally void of ideas to move this country forward .

  • bob walker

    Pfafftown NC a part of Winston Salem NC has a public park called C.G. Hill Memorial Park. In this PUBLIC park there is a hollowed out old tree with a plaque in front of it that tells how this tree was used in the civil war to hid things from the Union Soldiers. With this plaque stating this on land owned by foryth county. This is a memorial to the civil war. The question is should we have a protest march about it or do like Roy Cooper said and Cut it down because it was part of the Civil War ??? When I read that Plaque it makes ME think of the Confederate War so I want to know when they plan to cut it down so I can protest !!! Please post the date so we can all show up !!!

  • Bill NC

    Why just the removal of confederate statues and memorials? What about the founding father statues and memorials? Where does it end?

    Will you come out and support the moving and removing of confederate soldier graves? Again, where does it end?

    • ProudlyUnaffiliated

      My thoughts exactly. How long will it be before some of these antifa thugs show up at a confederate cemetery to knock down or deface their gravestones? Given how they tore down a generic confederate soldier statue dedicated to the boys who wore the gray in Durham, it is clear they wish to destroy our culture and have no clear limits or goals. It is a nihilistic death cult. They need to go make their own private fight clubs or cut themselves or whatever and stop acting out their mental illnesses in public.