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House Democrats name Jackson minority leader

RALEIGH — House Democrats have selected Rep. Darren Jackson as their minority leader for the 2017 session of the General Assembly.

Jackson, an attorney from Wake County, was elected to his fifth term in the state House in November. He has been a leading critic of the state’s transgender bathroom law, commonly called House Bill 2. The General Assembly is scheduled to come in for a special session Wednesday to reconsider that law.

Jackson said he sees his role as presenting the caucus’s viewpoint and working with Republicans when he can.

“I certainly am not looking to be the party of no,” Jackson said. “We’ll be working closely with the governor-elect’s office. When we see bills we think we can improve, we certainly will.

Jackson said Rep. Robert Reives, D-Lee, will be the deputy minority leader. The three Democratic whips will be Reps. Garland Pierce, D-Scotland, Bobbie Richardson, D-Franklin, and Verla Insko, D-Orange.