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House overrides Cooper veto; voter ID legislation becomes law

CJ photo by Kari Travis
CJ photo by Kari Travis

The N.C. House voted 72-40 Wednesday to override Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of Senate Bill 824, legislation implementing a constitutional amendment mandating voters present approved state-approved photo identification. The Senate’s vote Tuesday was 32-13, so the measure will become law.

Debate in the House broke along partisan lines. Republicans argued that the legislation honored the demand made by 55 percent of voters to require photo ID at voting places or for absentee balloting.

Democrats said the types of ID allowed were too restrictive and would impede minorities and other low-income citizens from voting.

The debate grew testy at times, with Republicans and Democrats arguing about which party was more sensitive to civil rights, and when.

The bill offers several options for voters. Driver’s licenses, military IDs, student IDs from community colleges and public or private universities, tribal enrollment cards, state employee IDs, and free, state-issued voter ID cards are just a few examples.

  • Tony Manero

    Why don’t “minorities and other low-income citizens” take any offense at Democrats treating them as if they are too stupid to know how to get photo ID? I know they are not. I have seen a You Tube video of moronic leftists explaining to the interviewer “minorities and other low-income citizens” can’t find their way to DMV for ID, then shown it to the “minorities and other low-income citizens” who laughed at the imbeciles. But generally took no offense. By the way, your use of the word “other” implies minorities are low income citizens. If that is the Democrats characterization, fine.

    Look up “Ami Horowitz: How white liberals really view black voters” on YT for the video.

  • civilwar 12

    How do “minorities” and moron Monday’s hero Barber access health care without a photo ID?

  • QuitBS

    Our National Congress should do the same with the Border Wall Funding, instead every American in our country will have the quality of their lives degraded by allowing in the criminals, parasites and child rapists and drug dealers at the border.