News Reports (Page 631)

  • TransPark financial risk to state overrated

    N.C. DOT officials have apparently overstated potential financial obligations in a recently released report on the Global TransPark, according to federal officials, reports Carolina Journal Associate Publisher Don Carrington. Federal airport grants to North Carolina fall under the authority of the FAA Airports District Office in Atlanta. Manager Scott Seritt…

  • Global TransPark owes big money

    An inquiry from a first-term state House member revealed that the Global TransPark has an $11.2 million outstanding loan, information which was not part of the study recently presented to a legislative committee inquiring about the future viability of the GTP, reports Carolina Journal Associate Publisher Don Carrington.

  • Global TransPark: Flying Erratically and Below the Radar

    When Charles Edwards took over as the latest executive director of the Global TransPark, he told The Free Press of Kinston, “I’m overwhelmed and trying to figure out what I’ve gotten into.” Carolina Journal’s Don Carrington says his comments seem to reflect what so far has been a confusing year…

  • Global TransPark: Proposal Letter to U.S. D.O.T.

    Imagine: You and your family board a jetliner at the Global TransPark in Kinston for a trip to Disney World. Halfway onto the plane, you hear an explosion. Out on the Tarmac you see masked men brandishing weapons, surrounding another airplane. Surprise: Make-believe terrorists have commandeered a nearby flight. That…

  • DOT Officials Alter TransPark Study

    N.C. Department of Transportation officials significantly reduced a detailed version of a legislative report to exclude information that the Global TransPark “is perceived as a major financial liability” and that abandonment of the “less-than satisfactory” project could spell disaster for state leaders, reports Carolina Journal Associate Publisher Don Carrington.