News Reports (Page 699)

  • Reporter Says Intelligence Failed Before 9/11

    The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 in New York City and Washington, DC resulted from a massive failure of the United States’ intelligence agencies, a prominent defense and security writer. Bill Gertz, a Washington Times reporter known for his ability to get information from Pentagon sources, offered his insights…

  • Golden Grocery Awards

    State, federal, and local governments are chipping in to buy a grocery store for Salemburg even though a consultant’s report concluded the project might not be successful. The state government’s contribution came from the Golden LEAF Foundation, the nonprofit that administers half of North Carolina’s share of the national tobacco…

  • North Carolina has Stake in Bush Plan

    Dr. Roy Cordato, vice president for research and resident scholar at the Raleigh-based John Locke Foundation reviewed several items of the Bush package that would likely confer disproportionately large benefits on North Carolina’s economy, which has been uncharacteristically trailing the nation in the pace and scope of its economic recovery.

  • How to Cut Government

    The day after the Nov. 5 elections, William Eggers wrote a “Memo to Rookie Governors” in the Wall Street Journal. His message? “Cut, Cut, Cut.” It was the same message he brought to the economic advisory staff of Gov. Mike Easley Monday morning, prior to a luncheon presentation Eggers gave…

  • UNC-CH Seniors Support Undergrad Library

    House Undergraduate Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will receive an endowment worth at least $20,000 from the senior class of 2003. Jon Sanders says UNC-CH seniors decided upon the endowment in an online poll that included two other choices.

  • Airports Still Flying High in NC

    The airline industry continues to be caught in a severe financial downdraft, as the effects of a weak economy and the aftermath of Sept. 11 send carriers to a second year of heavy losses. Michael Lowrey reports that despite setbacks, North Carolina’s main airports remain attractive and busy places to…

  • NC Ponders No Child Left Behind Act

    The adequate yearly progress component of the No Child Left Behind Act presents a challenge to state boards of education across the United States, reports Karen Palasek. As the state board meetings in Raleigh in October and November reveal, establishing the adequate yearly progress standard is an important process for…

  • Universities Challenged to Restore Liberty, Accountability

    Academics discussed several challenges facing higher education in North Carolina at the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy’s conference in Chapel Hill on Oct. 26. Jon Sanders says those included answering the calls for increasing accountability, restoring liberty and dignity, and translating lofty goals into practical application.