News Reports (Page 771)

  • Study Calls for Audit of Commerce Dept.

    RALEIGH -- Researchers from the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise at UNC-Chapel Hill released a report last week ordered by the legislature in September after some of them had questioned the value of the seven regional economic development partnerships in the state. One recommendation: audit the NC Department of Commerce.

  • North Carolina Preschool Programs Grow

    RALEIGH -- Pre-kindergarten education is a growth industry across the United States, and North Carolina is no exception with its costly Smart Start and More at Four programs. But before policymakers can understand whether pre-K programs are worthwhile, effective, wasteful, or absolutely essential, it makes sense to figure out what…

  • Founding Fathers Debate Issues in Raleigh

    RALEIGH -- Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry were more good-natured debaters than avowed combatants in a discussion of new and old issues at a March 12 event in Raleigh. The John Locke Foundation hosted the banquet featuring the two distinguished Virginians, who had journeyed south from Colonial Williamsburg.

  • Counties Take Forward Step on Mental Health

    North Carolina counties have submitted the first part of their strategic plans to reform mental-health care. The actions, required by state law, represent a large step forward in a process that is expected to be completed by 2007. The state plans to close Dorothea Dix Hospital in Raleigh and John…

  • NC Commission Seeks New Taxing Options

    RALEIGH -- Sounding a bit like a kid in a candy store, the chairman of Gov. Mike Easley's Commission to Modernize State Finances told legislators last week that an array of new taxes was needed to sweeten the state's bitter budget outlook. Thomas Ross, executive director of the Z. Smith…

  • A closer look at Phipps staff indictments

    A federal grand jury has indicted two former aides to Agricultural Commissioner Meg Scott Phipps, a U.S. attorney said at a press conference Tuesday. The charges against Linda Johnson Saunders, of Louisburg, and Bobby C. McLamb, of Raleigh, include conspiracy, extortion, wire fraud, and mail fraud, said Frank Whitney, U.S.

  • NCCBI’s Jim Hyler Speaks Out on NC Budget

    James Hyler, Jr., vice chairman and COO of First Citizens Bank and chairman of the Governor’s Commission to Promote Efficiency and and Savings on State Spending, spoke at a Shaftesbury Society luncheon at The John Locke Foundation on Feb. 3 about the panel's work in identifying ways the Easley administration…

  • Many Communities See High Electric Bills

    KINSTON – Electrical customers in North Carolina served by city-owned electric utilities commonly grouped under the association name of ElectriCities have experienced steep increases in their bills in recent months. In Kinston, for example, rates went up three times in 2002 for a total 10 percent increase. Given the financial…

  • Horton Drops Litigation Without Explanation

    A Raleigh businessman withdrew a preliminary motion for a lawsuit he had filed against a group of businessmen in which he alleged they had interfered with his plans to build a fuel ethanol plant in Beaufort County. William Horton, in his initial filing in Wake County Superior Court on Feb.