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Short-term rentals get a new ally in Share Raleigh

CJ file photo
CJ file photo

Brent Woodcox, former co-chair of the short term rental task force, has launched a political action committee, called Share Raleigh, to educate people about the debate over short-term rentals, such as Airbnbs.

While short-term rentals are technically illegal in Raleigh, city officials have failed to enforce the ban while the debate over legalizing and regulating the industry continues.

A short-term rental task force was formed in January to address the issue. The task force presented recommendations to the City Council in June, Instead of voting on the proposed regulations, the council opted to send them to the Economic Development and Innovation Committee. The committee has yet to meet about the issue.

“Over the past two years, thousands of citizens in our city have expressed their support for legalizing short term rentals in Raleigh,” Woodcox said in a press release, “but unfortunately thus far their calls have gone unheeded.”

Share Raleigh aims to survey City Council and mayoral candidates on their positions regarding short term rental legalization. With that information, the political action committee will engage in voter education campaigns leading up to the October elections. Seven council seats and the mayor’s seat are up for the election.

“Share Raleigh will give voters the opportunity to know which city council candidates stand with them in support of short term rental freedom,” Woodcox explained.