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Syrian Refugees in N.C. Still Cannot Be Tracked

Governor, congressman warn of broken screening process

A Syrian refugee speaks with Secretary of State John Kerry in 2013 at a refugee camp in Jordan. (U.S. State Department photo)
A Syrian refugee speaks with Secretary of State John Kerry in 2013 at a refugee camp in Jordan. (U.S. State Department photo)

The federal government relocated more Syrian refugees to North Carolina in the last six months than it did the previous 22 months, even as Gov. Pat McCrory and U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson, R-8th District, continue to warn that the screening process for admission to the United States remains broken, posing potential danger to the state.

Refugee-Chart2 “We’re not given any forewarning of when they’re coming, where they’re going to, or who they are,” McCrory told Carolina Journal. That raises concerns, he said, because the refugees could be coming from countries embroiled in civil wars or they may be linked to Islamic terrorism.

Refugees are sent to charity relocation agencies that “have more information than my state public safety officials,” McCrory said. The FBI does not have a list of entering refugees and where they are sent, prior to and after relocation, “which was astounding to me.”

The feds “use the privacy card” to deny that information to state and federal public safety officials, McCrory said.

That is a cause for “great concern,” he said. If refugees were involved in some criminal or terror-related activities, state law enforcement investigators would not know where to find them unless the nonprofit agencies provided the information. The state Department of Health and Human Services has some data the nonprofits have provided, but they’re not obligated to do so.

The DHHS Refugee Services Office receives information after a refugee is settled and begins to receive services, such as employment help or English language training, said DHHS spokeswoman Alexandra Lefebvre.

“The challenge is the lack of information sharing from the federal government about individuals prior to arriving in North Carolina,” Lefebvre said. “The state receives some information after the resettlement has taken place. The individual’s personal information is protected by various privacy laws.”

The FBI “does initial background checks on what they can,” but is not allowed to maintain that information due to the privacy regulations, McCrory said. He wanted to ask President Obama about that situation during a February National Governors Association meeting, “but the president wouldn’t take my question at the White House. I think he was given forewarning that I was going to ask.”

Hudson said North Carolina “absolutely” remains at risk because of the weak vetting process for refugees.

Last year he introduced the American Safe Act barring entry to the United States of any Iraqi or Syrian national unless the FBI director certified a thorough background check had been completed. The House passed it overwhelmingly. Senate Democrats blocked it from coming to that body for a vote.

“I hope we don’t have a problem with ISIS sneaking folks in through this program, but it’s definitely a vulnerability,” Hudson said.

“The three areas that I’m concerned about is the folks that can come here without a visa, the terrorists exploiting the Syrian refugee program, and our porous Southern border,” he said. “Until we get serious about that, we don’t know who and what’s coming across that border.”

Hudson said he continues to highlight the refugee vetting vulnerabilities, but “everybody’s moved on to another issue, and they’re pretending like this isn’t a problem,” even though two terrorists were arrested on Jan. 8 after entering the country on the refugee program, and the director of national intelligence “tells us that they’ve caught terrorists trying to come through the refugee program.”

Obama’s goal is to admit 1,500 Syrians per month, and expedite the screening process “that we know is already broken,” Hudson said. Some Democrats now want to raise the target number of Syrian refugees from 10,000 to as many as 100,000 Syrian refugees, he said.

Congress has heard reports of counselors “just overwhelmed with the number of people applying for visas, and needing to be screened,” Hudson said. Pushing 1,500 Syrians per month through a cheesecloth-like process already requiring between 18 and 24 month is “an absolute recipe for disaster, and I hope it’s not going to take some terrible incident to wake people up,” he added.

Jim Hanson, executive vice president of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Security Policy, told CJ that identities and backgrounds of Syrians cannot be verified in most instances, regardless how many times interviews are conducted. He called Syria a nonfunctioning state with no U.S. embassy, government offices that have been ransacked, and official records and databases that have been destroyed or are missing.

Jimmy Broughton, McCrory’s deputy chief of staff, on Nov. 18 told the Joint Legislative Committee on Government Operations “the difficulty of thorough background checks was again confirmed” by the White House in a Nov. 17 teleconference with the nation’s governors and their staffs.

Frank Perry, secretary of the state Department of Public Safety, told the Gov Ops committee that collaboration between federal agencies and state intelligence personnel authorized to receive all sensitive information collected about the refugees “simply doesn’t exist. [That’s] sad as to how they are not communicating” at state and federal levels.

Perry said he believes some of the Syrian refugees already in North Carolina could present a threat.

“Alerts are going out as we speak that are serious,” but not imminent,” he said. “There are people here who seriously mean to harm us.”

State Rep. John Szoka, R-Cumberland, a retired Army infantry officer in whose district Fort Bragg is located, issued a stark warning at the Gov Ops meeting.

“Make no mistake, ISIS is our enemy,” Szoka said. “They’ve told us that they are our enemy. In fact, in North Carolina they’ve told us that Fayetteville and New Bern are targets that they want to hit.”

  • Rayasappan

    “The next century does not belong to those who malign the prophet.” The statement tells the refugee policy clear and loud.

    • Obama studied the Quran for years. It is possible he joined Islam. If he did and then joined another religion such as Christianity, There would be a death sentence put on him by Islam. We know almost nothing of his past life but from his actions we can guess.

      • Rayasappan

        It is within the scope of Islam to hide the identity for the sake of Jihad.

  • tax man

    All of the foreign refugees need to be placed in Countries near their homes so that when the time is right they can return home. Plus they will not be forced to move to a country that is dissimilar from their culture. None should come to the USA unless they have relatives in the USA who will sponsor them, provide them a home and agree to be financially responsible for them, and then, they need to be on Visas like any other legal immigrant, not just running around loose in our country like the illegals.

  • Patriot41

    This is totally asinine, when a governor cannot control the influx of unidentified refugees into his or her own State. If a State governor informs the president and federal government that it will not take un-vetted refugees, that governor should have the authority under the 10th Amendment to our Constitution, to refuse forced immigration into his or her State, particularly if those refugees are a threat to the citizens of that State.

    If the charitable organizations refuse to identify the refugees that they place in the State, the State can then revoke their tax exemption for failing to identify individuals they have relocated. Such actions are tantamount to human trafficking, which is against the law.

    While a governor cannot control federal Social Services workers, they can control the Social Services organizations within their own State. If those services refuse to cooperate with the governor and legislators to provide basic information on all whom they service, their funds can be reduced. They can be charged with misappropriation of State funds.

    Under no circumstances, should law enforcement be forbidden access to information on individuals who are here in this State illegally. If the governor stated that un-vetted refugees are not welcome in this State, then those refugees are here illegally!

    • hpinnc

      I support our gov. I think he is doing what he can on this & also the transgender [PB2?] bill. He is kind of caught between the devil & the deep blue sea, so to speak.This country is in one screwed up mess. If people keep electing democrats to run the government, then as far as I’m concerned they get just what they deserve. I cannot believe people can be so stupid.

      • Patriot41

        Agree with you about the job our governor has been doing, along with the legislators who have supported him, regarding the refugee issue and that of the transgender scam.

        One also agrees with your statements about the democrat leaders as well. It would seem that they have lost any sense of decency, common sense or wisdom. Stupid is as stupid does.

        • Rattlerjake

          Make no mistake, there will be a big push to get rid of McCrory and to take libturd control of our state congress. The libturds, especially that fatass baboon, William Barber can’t stand how our current state government has restored and protects our Constitutional rights. We conservatives need to do whatever is necessary to keep them, minus a few like Hagan, Elmers, etc.

          • Patriot41

            If we lose our Constitution, we lose our individual rights and freedom. The socialist are doing everything they can to destroy our Constitutional Republic. It is up to our State leaders to lead the fight and use our 10th Amendment authority to do so. Some governors and legislators are doing just that and hopefully our governor will join the fight.

  • Dana Cole

    Can’t we impeach him? He is not fulfilling his sworn Constitutional Duties and endangering the safety of this Nation.

    • hpinnc

      That’s why I am voting for Trump.I hope he wins the GOP nomination. I have seen that the republican wimps in Congress are going to do absolutely nothing to stop him. If Trump cannot make it into the Oval Office I feel like it will be our last chance to put this stupid B/S to a screeching halt. The dumassed dems. wants to bring in even more of them. What do you want to bet they will be given voting rights & told who to vote for. I don’t know if even Mr Trump can reason with the bunch of dems. & Rinos in Congress.This is one case where I would not have any problem with him using an executive order to stop this stupidity.

  • infidel

    Get the SOBs out of my state. Period.

  • danstewart

    Just make them disappear, a bullet to the head & throw the bodies into the hog pen.


      I totally agree, and I have made this same statement myself on other forams.

    • Dale Dimick

      We have a lot of pig and hog farms in NC. Mulies would be cheaper than hog feed.

      • danstewart

        A second plus, they won’t get their 72 virgin sheep in the afterlife.

  • Sharon

    Gov. McCrory when will do like other governors are doing and allow all of us who are citizens without a criminal record be allowed to conceal carry?

    • hpinnc

      Sharon, ck. with your county sheriff, you can get a conceal & carry, unless you have a criminal record background.

      • Brad Becker

        I am taking my class for conceal carry in 18 days . Got a group rate $45.00 then have to go the Sheriffs for the permit I think its like $85.00 or $100.00. Back Ground check, finger prints etc. What ever I’ll be packing.

        • Sharon

          Applied. There was a 6 week waiting period that turned to 8 weeks. (gun permit) Mental Health records are not computerized. Only approx: 10% of permits are being approved because they don’t want to accidently issue a permit to someone with bad mental health! All my records are clean!

          • Cornelius Von

            It changed here in our county also but it was because of so many new requests. Just renewed mine after five years and they were very nice about it when I called to ask about it because I actually put my renewal in almost 90 days in advance. This little old lady is always carrying.

        • Rattlerjake

          Another idiot who concedes to paying for your rights! Every law abiding citizen in this country should conceal carry without paying any fees and when the state government charges one with “illegal” carry, ALL of the citizens need to converge on the state capitol and the courthouse and FORCE these dirtbags to nullify these illegal laws. Instead it is simpler to just do as you are told and let them get away with their corruption!

      • Sharon

        See my reply to Brad just below this.

      • Rattlerjake

        We’re talking about Constitutional Conceal Carry, not the state mandated pay for you rights conceal carry and BS handgun permits!

        • KansasGirl

          I hear ya.
          Kansas is allowed to carry without a permit now.
          It took affect July 1, 2015.
          I never leave home without it…h#lls bells I carry on my property too.

    • Rattlerjake

      McCrory tried to get rid of the handgun permits and establish Constitutional concealed carry, but we still have too many scumbag libturd sheriffs and legislators that prevented it.

      • Sharon

        Thanks for telling me that.

        • Rattlerjake

          One of the worst old dinosaur libturd sheriffs is Moose Butler in Cumberland County. These thieves can’t stand to lose the revenue stream from these illegal permits and laws.

  • During WWII our federal government put Japanese-American citizens in a concentration camp. It was only Japanese-Americans not German or Italian-Americans because they were most of us and looked like all of us. We should declare war on ISIS and put all of the refugees and Americans from Islamic countries in nice safe concentration camps. It would be consistent with what we have done before in the name of homeland security. They can live and work there safely.

    • Brad Becker

      Yes or send them back. That’s why we have so many so they can spy on our bases. I have live around Camp Lejeune for 32 years. We never had any Muslims here, but now our county is full of them. They can spy on us, the young marines tell the store keepers every thing. They are right here to go on a terrorist killing spree when ever they get the orders. It should be illegal for them to be within 20 miles of our bases. Until they become full citizens. They have bought up all the Corner stores and opened tobacco stores and restaurants. Getting as thick as flees on a dog.

  • Why does North Carolina have so many refugees? There are only 16 states listed and that leaves 34 states that we must assume have none. We have a lot of targets for terrorist attacks. We also there are ISIS members among these refugees and a lot of sympathizers among them.

    • Brad Becker

      That’s why we have so many so they can spy on our bases. I have live around Camp Lejeune for 32 years. We never had any Muslims here, but now our county is full of them. They can spy on us, the young marines tell the store keepers every thing. They are right here to go on a terrorist killing spree when ever they get the orders. It should be illegal for them to be within 20 miles of our bases. Until they become full citizens. They have bought up all the Corner stores and opened tobacco stores and restaurants. Getting as thick as flees on a dog.

  • Brad Becker

    We need these freeking Muslims rounded up and shipped back to the hell holes they came from. We don’t need them and we don’t want them. Let Saudi Arabia Save them, or Iran, or any other Muslim country. No they won’t because Muslims don’t help each other all they are good for is raping, torture and Murder. The only Muslim country that ever seems to help any other displaced Muslims is Turkey. I am sure they wish they didn’t have to but they keep sneaking across their border. Activate the National Guard that’s why we have them. NC also need to form a State Guard like many other Southern States have. I think a lot of young men would join that if they knew they would never have to serve out side of NC. if It gets them out of any other National service.

  • Brad Becker

    Remember Chief Justice Roberts messed up the first time Obama took the oath of office and he had to retake it in Private after the official ceremony. We have no real Idea what he swore to do because the real swearing in was held in secret. The man is some kind of double agent for the Iranian or Saudi government. Its like the movie Manchurian Candidate. In real life though this one works for the Muslims not the North Koreans

    • Sharon

      Saw the televised 2nd swearing in. There was a piece of paper under the Bible. I’ve read that it was a copy of the Constitution that was drafted before the bill of rights was added. I’ve also read that the Bible was the quaran with the Holy Bible cover on it and also read that obummer held a small palm sized quaran in the hand that he laid his hand on the Bible.(lower case letters intentional.) So either way….it seems that too was amiss.

  • Dale Dimick

    Several friends that work as federal agents for different law enforcement agencies think that Obama wants to create a path for ISIS to enter the country, get a drivers license, buy a gun and kill a lot of people so he can jump up and down and say LOOK LOOK ANYONE can buy a gun. Obama is willing to break a few eggs [get Americans killed] to get what HE wants.

  • Brad Becker

    I am buying up weapons pistols, assault guns, etc. Lots of ammo. I will be ready when they try anything. I am taking my class for conceal carry in 18 days . Got a group rate $45.00 then have to go the Sheriffs for the permit I think its like $85.00 or $100.00. Back Ground check, finger prints etc. What ever I’ll be packing. USMC Retired

  • Unreformed

    So when you see them moving in nearby call your reps and have ’em checked out…..c’mon this is BS.

  • Elizabeth Woodard

    I have decided to quit my job and eat less because I REFUSE to pay for jihad jib to eat off my taxes.