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VIDEO: House Protects Unborn Victims of Violence

Ethen's Law passes by large margin, Senate vote next

The parents of two pregnant women who were recently murdered attended the House session at which Ethen’s Law passed 74-35. Under the legislation, anyone attacking a pregnant woman could be charged with additional crimes if the attack causes a miscarriage.

Opponents say it is the first time North Carolina law will define life as starting at the moment of conception, a point that was not disputed by backers of the law.

Opponents also argued the bill would open doors to charge someone with murder who may only have caused a traffic accident resulting in a mother’s miscarriage. Supporters said that was not the case. A murder charge would require prosecutors to prove intent or reckless disregard for life.

The bill now goes to the Senate.

To watch’s full report on the House passage of Ethen’s Law, click on the video.

Anthony Greco is an associate editor of Carolina Journal.