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VIDEO: Redistricting Reformers Tout Two Options for Improving N.C. Election Maps

Both would remove process from legislators' hands

Legislators will have two options this year to pursue election redistricting reform for North Carolina. Supporters of both options unveiled their plans during a Tuesday news conference in Raleigh.

Among those supporting reform are John Locke Foundation Chairman John Hood and N.C. Policy Watch’s Chris Fitzsimon, who usually disagree in most public policy disputes.

One bipartisan group is pushing a bill that would enact reforms before lawmakers draw the next set of legislative and congressional election maps in 2021. Another proposal from one state House Republican and a Senate Democrat would ask voters to endorse a constitutional amendment on redistricting with an effective date of 2028. That means North Carolina would undergo one more redistricting process under current law, then switch to an independent commission for maps drawn in 2031.

Click play below to watch the 30-minute briefing.