Opinion: Daily Journal

It’s the End of the World

RALEIGH – As I have been doing book-tour stops in Tennessee and Florida for the past couple of days, there hasn’t been much time to write. So I do not have much of a Daily Journal today, for which I am sorry.

I did, however, want to call your attention to the fact that the world is likely coming to an end.

You may have noticed the invention, over the past couple of years, of a form of Internet commentary called the “blog.” It typically refers to a free-form, constantly updated journal of musings, opinions, rumors, and rants by commentators as wide-ranging as Andrew Sullivan, Virginia Postrel, Mickey Kaus, and Glenn Reynolds (of Insta-Pundit fame). My friend Virginia has a good collection of links to the best bloggers in the business, herself included.

My Daily Journal, by the way, isn’t a blog, for stylistic reasons that will become obvious to you as you surf real blogging sites.

Here’s where the apocalypse come into it. It seems that William Shatner now has what amounts to a blog. Click here if you dare.

Hug your children, repent of your sins, and pray.