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  • Public backlash ensures distillers’ good deed goes unpunished

    Assigning infallibility to government action is a fool’s errand. It’s a common refrain in libertarian and conservative circles, and its truth is grounded in history, as well as the government’s continuing and ubiquitous intrusion and overreach. I won’t take credit for the aforementioned paraphrased…

  • Tax debates feature many myths

    Is our tax system rigged in favor of the wealthy? Hardly. America’s tax system is either modestly or moderately progressive, depending on how you define the terms.

  • Lower taxes attract key leaders

    When Democrats attack pro-growth tax reform as “trickle-down economics,” I can understand their rhetorical intent. But the charge is silly on multiple levels — including the fact that every Democrat who ever serves in state or local office spends great time and effort to try to recruit business executives, entrepreneurs,…

  • Bah, humbug from your HOA

    Imagine opening your mailbox one blustery December morning to find a letter from your homeowners’ association. For a passing moment, you think it may be a Christmas card. Your naive hopes are dashed when you open it. No, they are fining you $100 a day for putting up a cross…

  • NC SPIN reaches its end

    “I watch you every Sunday” became the opening line for many a conversation I’ve had over the past 22 years while standing in a checkout line, walking through a crowd, or sitting down to dinner.