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  • Steady budgets win fiscal race

    When a recession comes, North Carolina won’t have to resort to panicky cuts or costly tax increases, thanks to a disciplined approach to spending and saving taxpayers' money.

  • Time for a primetime Oval Office address on immigration

    President Trump seemed to be cruising along throughout the spring. You could say he was on roll. Chief of Staff John Kelly had brought order and much-needed discipline to the staff, which in the president’s first year often seemed chaotic and was plagued with unforced errors. That scenario now seems…

  • Vote wisely when considering constitutional amendments 

    What can lawmakers consider during the 2018 short session? Not everything, because of limits imposed by the long session Adjournment Resolution. Important issues such as school funding, certificate of need repeal, work requirements for Medicaid, repeal of the capital gains tax, changes to the ABC system, and more will be delayed until 2019.  But there’s still plenty of work for legislators. Cross-over bills…

  • Democrats favor business tax cuts

    In investment terms, Democrats think the state should actively manage a targeted portfolio of tax cuts, while Republicans favor a diversified portfolio of tax cuts — applying to all businesses, large and small.

  • Bad data limit plans to boost government efficiency

    She didn’t use the words “garbage in, garbage out.” But that popular computer science catch phrase could have summarized State Auditor Beth Wood’s recent warning to N.C. lawmakers. It’s a warning that helps highlight the obstacles legislators face as they attempt to boost efficiency within state government. Wood’s commentary…

  • Economy weakens Democrats’ case

    Democrats have a message of change, resources, and in some cases talented candidates to deliver the message. But to an increasingly optimistic electorate, it may end up sounding off-key.