Opinion (Page 4)

  • Political future may surprise us

    A common political shorthand is to pit “neighborhood interests” against “developers.” But while past versions tended to associate the former with the Left and the latter with the Right, that formulation doesn’t capture the current mood.

  • Now is no time to return redistricting to the shade

    New maps proposed for 2020 legislative elections emerged from the most open, transparent process North Carolina ever has used to draw election lines. It would be a shame to see those maps tossed out through a process that lacks the same degree of transparency. But that opaque outcome remains a…

  • Freedom has many meanings

    Most North Carolinians recognize and agree with the state constitution’s mandate to provide universal access to taxpayer-funded schools. But how should these schools be constituted and governed?…

  • Change how we pay teachers

    Rather than chasing ephemeral headlines and dubious rankings, North Carolina should focus on changing how we pay teachers. We need to differentiate salaries by subject, by school, and by performance.

  • This is your brain (drain) on smartphones 

    Anyone with a smartphone knows these devices are devilishly distracting. But can taking a break with smartphones cause brain drain? A new study shows it might, depleting cognitive capacity for challenging work. This is significant news for educators and parents, since most tweens and teens own smartphones; many are…