Opinion (Page 577)

  • Teacher Characteristics Not Related to Test Scores

    John Locke Foundation adjunct scholar Michael Walden writes that educators everywhere are searching for ways to improve student test scores, but based on an analysis of recent Wake County elementary school data, the “silver bullet” for better test scores is not to be found in teachers’ characteristics, but students.’…

  • Reviewing the Key Races

    Now that North Carolina seems to have a legislative election in its future, let's take another look at the 27 districts across the state where all bets are off and the parties will collide.

  • Study finds foreign student program rife with corruption

    The Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C., released in June a very damning evaluation of the Foreign Student Program. Conducted by George Borjas, Pforzheimer Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, the evaluation finds the program rife with corruption and failing abysmally at…

  • Redistricting Case Nearing End

    Let's get something straight: last year's redistricting plans and Judge Jenkins' don't compare; the 2001 plans represented a guaranteed Democrat majority, while Judge Jenkins' guarantee down-to-the-wire competition.

  • Not So Bright Beginnings

    The political luster is starting to rub off on Charlotte's vaunted Bright Beginnings program, which has shown more limited improvements than Smart Start advocates would like to admit.

  • So It Is L-Day

    The all-but-certain (because nothing is) lottery vote today will be filled with high drama, but no one is giving odds on its chances.

  • Lotteries and Elections

    The Democrat leadership thinks a lottery on the November ballot will save their political hide; however, religious conservatives, invigorated anew by the moral scourge of gambling, may prove not to be the voters for whom the Dems were hoping.

  • The Referendum Issue

    All the attention so far in North Carolina's lottery debate has centered on the game itself. But what about the precedent that a “nonbinding” referendum would set for other poll-tested issues?…

  • What’s still OK for public schools: a scorecard

    The recent ruling (now on hold) by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to declare the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional and therefore not fit for public schools is just one of the bewildering changes taking place in our public schools. At this moment, maybe it's time to take stock of…

  • The Push Is On

    The July 4th holiday was little more than a brief respite from the bruising battle that has become North Carolina politics. Don't go away, because next week is when things really get interesting.