Opinion (Page 577)

  • Erskine Gets in Focus

    The Senate candidate's latest TV ad raises a host of troubling questions, the most serious being: could its intended, pathetic audience really be viewers of “The Simpsons”?…

  • Approaching the Qur’an — Why Bother?

    Suppose you are dining out at a fine restaurant. You look over a menu that has many excellent items you are sure you would enjoy. At the very bottom you see this: "Plate of Spaghetti Without Sauce." It's priced the same as the other entrees. Would you order the spaghetti,…

  • Keep Watching the Bal

    The forces advocating a state lottery in North Carolina, led by the governor, haven't given up. The issue has popped up in legislative campaigns across the state, and will likely get another hearing in the N.C. House before the end of the session.

  • Put It To The Test

    We are about to undergo the annual ritual of hearing how well our students did on North Carolina's end-of-year tests. Of course they did well – the tests are designed to be passed through educated guessing. Skepticism is warranted.

  • Again with the “Dimwit”

    Reactions from state politicians to a downgrade of North Carolina's bond rating proves that a previous description of lawmakers as “dimwits” fits several of them uncomfortably well.

  • No. 610: A Cold Fact: Government Drifts in a Sea of Largess

    U.S. senators and President Bush have sternly admonished corporate executives — some who played fast and loose with company money — for seeking too much personal gain, failing to reveal how money was used, and using money for unauthorized purposes. But before the exalted ones carry their indignation too far,…

  • No. 609: “The American Taliban” Got Off Light

    John Walker Lindh, “the American Taliban,” got the deal of the century — a plea-bargain agreement from the U.S. government that spared his life. After the surprise deal was announced, Walker’s father said, “John loves America and we love America. God Bless America.”…

  • The Bowles-Blue Sprint

    There's only three weeks to go until the Senate primary, and the Democratic nomination is still anyone's to get. The campaign hasn't unfolded according to predictions, so don't expect any.