Opinion (Page 598)

  • The Tyranny of Public Health

    Fresh from expanding their purview far beyond its proper bounds in areas like smoking and gun control, North Carolina public health officials now have a new target for vilification: urban sprawl.

  • What Scares Health Socialists

    Medical inflation is back with a vengeance, but to the dismay of “single-payer” advocates it may lead not to abolishing private insurance but instead to new ways of empowering families to make their own health care decisions.

  • Roy Cooper and the Disco

    The attorney general’s office is offering contradictory arguments in two different redistricting cases — thus giving plaintiffs seeking to overturn state legislative districts a wide opening to employ an ingenious debating tactic.

  • More Confusion on Lottery

    The Easley administration can’t seem to get its act together. On the governor’s signature issue of a proposed state lottery, projections of North Carolina revenue “loss” to its neighbors vary wildly — and are poorly understood.

  • Will NC Give Dems the House?

    Both parties are spinning furiously as the redistricting process dies down. Democrats think they can take back the U.S. House by taking out North Carolina Rep. Robin Hayes. Republicans beg to differ.

  • Gov. Hunt’s Gift to Easley

    New data show that North Carolina ranked 8th in the nation in state spending growth during the 1990s, thus setting the stage for big budget deficits in recent years. Gov. Easley probably hasn’t thanked his predecessor for this.