Opinion (Page 6)

  • Beltway consultants will cost GOP the House 

    As we head into final weeks of the midterm elections, there’s a plethora of chatter on the cable news channels about the possibility of either a blue or a red wave.  Much is at stake in November, including control of the House and the Senate, and the chances articles…

  • Time to privatize? N.C. ABC system too broken to fix

    The way North Carolina governs alcoholic spirits must change, for myriad reasons. It breeds favoritism and corruption. It’s archaic, monopolistic, and, when comparing the N.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control system to its counterparts in neighboring states, downright embarrassing. Clearly, lawmakers need to reconfigure, if not…

  • Our economy needs new enterprises

    State economic development incentive programs are unlikely to increase entrepreneurial activity and may decrease it, while economic freedom — less taxation and regulation — is a more promising strategy.

  • Restricting consumer choice is folly

    For decades, owners of homes and cars had valuable capital sitting unused. There were no practical means of discovering customers, coordinating schedules, or facilitating payment. Then the Internet showed up.

  • Will constitutional amendments affect voter turnout in N.C.?

    This November, lawsuits permitting, North Carolinians will vote in referendums on six constitutional amendments. The issues they will address are crime victims’ rights, a right to hunt and fish, the method for filling vacancies on the states’ courts, the establishment of a bipartisan elections commission, a cap on…

  • Out go the classics in English classrooms  

    Classic literature has fallen from favor in English class. The movement away from the literary canon, begun decades ago, has accelerated rapidly following adoption of Common Core standards by most states eight years ago. Some states, including North Carolina, have revised these standards. But the devaluation of classic literature is…

  • Silent Sam must be restored

    To allow the mob to achieve its objective in removing Silent Sam would reward criminality, weaken the rule of law, and set a dangerous precedent. What might the next mob do?…

  • State won’t retreat on school choice

    The existence of competition in higher education is a positive force in driving reforms at the public campuses, while competition among taxpayer-subsidized hospitals generates better results than a hospital cartel or monopoly.