Opinion (Page 6)

  • Imprecise use of colorful phrase muddies voter ID debate

    Critics of North Carolina’s Republican-led General Assembly like to quote the words “almost surgical precision.” It’s unfortunate that those critics wield the phrase with such sloppiness that they obscure its original meaning. We’re likely to hear the quotation repeatedly between now and November. Thus it’s useful to…

  • Wheel of politics always turns

    The wisest course is to craft political institutions and make procedural rules as if you don’t know which party will be on top in the future — because you really don't.

  • Patriots sought independence and freedom

    To observe that the Americans whose representatives gathered in Philadelphia in 1776 were inconsistent in their commitments to freedom and self-government is not to deny the significance of what transpired that summer.

  • Scholarship program is a worthwhile investment 

    Debate over the impact of the Opportunity Scholarship Program was renewed recently when N.C. State researchers Anna Egalite, D.T. Stallings, and Stephen Porter published a study that found “large positive impacts associated with voucher usage in North Carolina.”    Their working paper is actually the fourth published analysis of the…

  • Note to lawmakers: Don’t mess things up 

    Starting in 2011, North Carolina lawmakers have implemented transformational changes resulting in a strong and growing economy. More people are working, more opportunities are available, and a streamlined, more efficient state government is treating residents more fairly and equitably.    We’ve come a long way. Don’t mess it up.   Faced with a $2.6 billion shortfall in 2011, legislative leadership…

  • Carolina economy had strong spring

    If North Carolina continues to add jobs at a rate faster than the national and regional averages, the claim that Republican policies are bad for the state’s economy will sound unpersuasive to voters.