Opinion (Page 601)

  • Research Devil’s Triangle

    Boosters of government research subsidies accept uncritically the idea that more taxpayer spending means higher economic returns. Unfortunately, this simplistic model is being used to defend UNC and special-interest pork from budget cuts.

  • Exposing Enviro-Extremism

    Articles in the current issue of two similarly sounding magazines, The American Spectator and The American Enterprise, illustrate the dangers of relying on radical environmentalists to shape policies based on science rather than myth.

  • Edwards’ Unwelcome Attention

    Now that Sen. John Edwards is running for president, conservatives in the Washington media are starting to take notice of him, and not in flattering ways, as the recent nomination fight over Judge Charles Pickering illustrates.

  • Now That’s a Legislature

    If N.C. House members represented the same number of citizens as do their counterparts in Vermont or New Hampshire, we could have 2,222 representatives in that body. Sound ridiculous? But the body couldn't meet often or long enough to do any real damage.

  • Liberal Groups to Grow

    Despite having far more lucrative sources of funds, leftist groups will continue to be viewed as outgunned, outmanned, and closer to average citizens than conservatives, though the opposite is far closer to the truth.

  • Easley Didn’t Need This Publicity

    Rather than cutting revenues to local governments -- and thus transforming an inside-the-Beltline story about a $1 billion state budget deficit into hot local news -- the governor should have tapped reserves with fewer statewide constituents.

  • Checking on Cash

    Discarding his previously genial but committed political liberalism, the Carolinian editor and local television commentator has begun to take annoying pokes at his rhetoric foes and even, on occasion, resort to vicious name-calling.