Opinion (Page 639)

  • Your NC Senate, Folks

    Here's the story of a retired businessman who traveled to Raleigh, offered budgetary help to a state senator, and was told he knew "nothing about budgeting." Uh, look who's talking.

  • Finally, Action on DMV

    Gov. Mike Easley announced today that he wants to merge the Division of Motor Vehicles into the N.C. Department of Crime Control and Public Safety. It will save at least $4 million, and is about time.

  • The Placeholder Budget

    The N.C. Senate is moving its 2002-03 budget through committee this week. Terrified at the potential fallout, they are using gimmicks to delay much of the tax increase they would prefer until after the November elections. Will that fly?…

  • Incoherence on Voting Rights

    It's getting harder and harder to understand Democratic objections to the latest legislative redistricting maps, as their arguments are self-contradictory and seem to have little to do with federal Voting Rights Act at issue in the case.

  • The Case for Rotation

    In a Senate committee last week, two members ridiculed a colleague for making a serious point about Medicaid reform – thus proving the need for a truly citizen legislature.

  • No More Fiscal Guesswork

    A new House bill would resurrect a good, old idea - basing the state's fiscal year budget not only projected revenues but on what is actually collected during the calendar year.

  • The Volatile NC House

    After reviewing some of the key races that will decide control of the North Carolina Senate yesterday, the North Carolina House features no less drama in the coming election cycle, the difference being only that the chamber has already supplied more than its fair share of political drama during the…

  • The Surprising Senate Scramble

    There are six swing seats among the new N.C. Senate districts that might well determine partisan control of the chamber. They are located on the coast, in the Triangle and Triad, and in the western mountains.

  • Moral Victories are for Losers

    Carolina Journal’s Paul Chesser says that The News & Observer’s front page report on the Carolina Hurricanes’ triple-overtime loss to Detroit last weekend was lame, because they laid claim to a “moral victory.”…