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  • New Legislative District Analysis

    Assuming the latest version of House and Senate districts withstand challenge, both chambers will be up for grabs in 2002. Including an allocation of the partisan “tilt” of swing districts, Democrats and Republicans have an equal chance to win.

  • A Decade of Deficits

    According to a Sunday N&O report, legislative staffers are forecasting big budget deficits as far as the eye can see. Remember those "temporary" tax hikes last year? Get used to them.

  • Aide Says Meg Knew

    A former campaign rival who went on to work for Ag Commissioner Meg Scott Phipps says that, contrary to sworn testimony, she knew about illegal loan payoffs. If true, it seems time to indict.

  • Is It Need or Greed?

    On Wednesday the state legislature was treated to "dueling rallies" – a protest against high taxes and a demand for more Smart Start funding. Who had the moral high ground?…

  • Thank God for Miss.

    The latest economic numbers reveal that North Carolina's economy isn't the worst in the South – Mississippi's is – but we still rank fourth in the nation in joblessness. Who has noticed?…

  • Whoa! Public School Student Victorious

    Carolina Journal associate editor Paul Chesser says that a simple headline run by The News & Observer of Raleigh, for an article about the winner of the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee last week, hints at an attempt to restore some luster to public education.

  • Knox Jenkins’ Bum Rap

    The Johnston County judge who redrew the state's legislative map last week has been the target of Democratic attacks in the past few days. They should be turning a critical eye on themselves.

  • Draw the Line at “Landslide”

    There's no doubt that GOP prospects in North Carolina's 2002 elections improved with Judge Knox Jenkins' redistricting decision. But Republicans should stow any talk of "landslide."…