Opinion (Page 643)

  • Easley Didn’t Need This Publicity

    Rather than cutting revenues to local governments -- and thus transforming an inside-the-Beltline story about a $1 billion state budget deficit into hot local news -- the governor should have tapped reserves with fewer statewide constituents.

  • Checking on Cash

    Discarding his previously genial but committed political liberalism, the Carolinian editor and local television commentator has begun to take annoying pokes at his rhetoric foes and even, on occasion, resort to vicious name-calling.

  • Smart Growth & Redlining

    Those who favor additional growth controls might bristle at the comparison between Smart Growth and Jim Crow segregation, but the fact is when government restricts housing freedom, low-income populations are hurt the most.

  • Republicans and Overconfidence

    The national GOP is basking in the glow of sky-high poll numbers for President Bush, modest gains from redistricting, and leads in party identification. But it is long time until November.

  • Look for the Union Label

    Reporters often label a "conservative" or "libertarian" think tank as such, but hardly ever mention when an organization is left-wing or union-associated.

  • Does Easley Favor More Taxes?

    At a recent speech in Greensboro, the governor seemed to suggest giving localities the ability to raise sales taxes by $400 million starting in July — imposing yet more of a burden on a state economy already in serious trouble.