Opinion (Page 643)

  • Free Trade Gains for NC

    So-called conservatives have a very odd very of the nature and scope of government if they think it is OK to use guns to prevent me from buying Mexican-made socks or Malaysian-made toys for my son.

  • Wake County embraces ‘comprehensive education’

    Wake County school officials know better than to tell kids to abstain from dangerous activites. Now, thanks to “comprehensive education,” Wake County will keep children safe when they engage in dangerous activities — because after all, the kids are going to do them anyway.

  • A Newspaper’s Deafening Silence

    Jerry Bledsoe has written a damning book about reckless journalism at his former employer, the News & Record of Greensboro. Why haven't its editors responded in a substantive way?…

  • An Unholy Redistricting Mess

    Sorting out the implications of the N.C. Supreme Court's complex ruling on redistricting will take some time, but one clear loser was the cause of judicial restraint.

  • Slowpoke on Income Growth

    Yet another federal report has come out showing North Carolina lagging the rest of the region in economic growth. Personal income in the state barely grew from 2000 to 2001 — and much of the growth that did occur was in government cash.

  • A Good Idea from Charlotte

    Yes, the Queen City occasionally has something to teach the rest of the state — this time the lesson is about using private contractors to deliver Medicaid services more efficiently.

  • What’s Said vs. What’s True

    Skepticism is a valuable commodity for media consumers, especially when following events such as the Israeli counterattacks in the West Bank. Palestinian militants say one thing to the international audience and another to fellow Arabs.