Opinion (Page 651)

  • Drunk on ABC Revenues

    One of the most powerful lobbies in North Carolina is the ABC system, which gets local officials across the state to protect their government monopoly. Now they are working furiously against the idea of simply studying privatization.

  • Furiously Spinning Leandro

    It's time to move on from Leandro, to debate real policy choices that might expand educational opportunity without worsening the state's already weakening economy with yet another tax increase.

  • Easley’s Ad Advantage

    A new account of the 2000 Easley-Vinroot race shows that the Democratic candidate enjoyed a $3.3 million advantage when it came to communicating with North Carolina voters through radio and television ads.

  • What Is College Worth?

    If a college education offers the kinds of financial returns that students are promised, why isn't it valuable enough to pay a reasonable price for?…

  • What Big Budget Cuts?

    Even after Gov. Easley's budget-reductions this year, the FY 2001-02 budget is about $14 billion, compared with $7.8 billion in spending 10 years ago. The result of all that supposed dieting looks more like Richard Simmons than Kate Moss.

  • Al Qaeda Attacks NC Politics

    All bets are off in North Carolina politics right now, not just because of redistricting uncertainty but also because America may well be in another shooting war by the time the November election rolls around.

  • Snapshots of the Welfare State

    A new report by the Tax Foundation graphically depicts the growing of entitlement spending — and a corresponding reduction in the share of the budget devoted to the federal government's proper constitutional functions, like defense.

  • The Utah Beachhead

    State lawmakers will have a hard enough time redrawing their own districts and balancing the state's budget this year without having to draw a new congressional map to reapportion after losing the 13th, but that may be what has to happen.