Opinion (Page 687)

  • Marc Basnight, Dying Breed?

    North Carolina’s urban areas are growing faster than the rest of the state, leading some to predict that cities will gain political clout in statewide elections and the General Assembly — and more representation in legislative leadership.

  • Why Incumbents Are Smiling

    A new analysis of North Carolina’s new legislative districts shows why so many incumbents on both sides are smiling. Their seats will get much safer in the 2002 elections and beyond, while only 20 of 120 seats are now seen as “swing districts.”…

  • Students not-so-surprisingly silent over tuition increases

    Less than a year after hundreds of University of North Carolina students marched to the Capitol to protest UNC budget cuts and large tuition increases, tuition increases are again being proposed for several UNC schools, yet the students are now mute. They were in August when legislators debated a 9…

  • Wrong Way North Carolina

    While the rest of the country is seeing the beginning of an economic rebound, North Carolina is leading the nation in new jobless claims — a fact that should jolt our leaders into action on creating a more pro-growth climate in the state.

  • Mike McIntyre’s Silly Idea

    The 7th District Congressman wants to create another federal authority like the Appalachian Regional Commission to dispense federal dollars to North Carolina and other Southeastern states. Oh, where to start...

  • Valiant, Inadequate Effort on Medicaid

    HHS Secretary Carmen Hooker Buell and her staff have implemented some welcome cost controls in North Carolina’s budget-busting Medicaid. But to close another huge deficit this year, state leaders will have to do far more.

  • Taxes, Taxes Everywhere

    Do low property taxes in North Carolina make up for our high income and sales taxes? Not as much as they used to. Our property taxes have grown faster than average, and 2002 may be yet another year of big tax hikes.