Opinion (Page 9)

  • Colleges merit more than lip service

    North Carolina has made beginning one's quest for baccalaureate degrees more attractive at community colleges that cost less — for both students and taxpayers — and are closer to home.

  • Personal choices shape economic outcomes

    If marriage rates for households with children were the same today as they were back in 1980, median income in the average state would be nearly 11 percent higher and child poverty would be about 25 percent lower.

  • Pro-growth policies fueling North Carolina’s economic rise 

    What’s the theme for limited government, personal responsibility, opportunity and freedom across North Carolina for the 2018 election cycle?  Keep on keepin’ on. Reforms since 2011 have transformed our state into an economic powerhouse, creating jobs and opportunities like never before.   Tax cuts begun in 2011 have put $5 billion back into the…

  • Tax reform and the Left’s favorite fables

    The ink is dry, but the howling from the Left continues. The 2017 tax reform law is in place and working as advertised — lower personal and corporate taxes, more money in the pockets of Americans, repatriation of billions of dollars of corporate profit, and an economy that will be…

  • Carolina politics offers national lessons

    On a measure of net lean to the Democrats or Republicans, North Carolina are one of only six states (along with Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Maine, and Colorado) to be within two points of the national median.

  • Leaked email tells little about state of N.C. campaigns

    News flash: Republicans often use fear of Democratic politicians and policies to motivate the GOP base. I hear many of you muttering, “Thanks, Captain Obvious.” But that opening line wasn’t meant for you. Instead it was designed to calm some giddy left-of-center partisans. They overreacted to a recently “leaked” email…

  • Better leaders lead to better politics

    Effective leadership means something other than winning elections or transacting legislative business. It means rebuilding public confidence and restoring a public discourse that elevates rather than demeans.

  • Let the sun shine on government — all year long

    Journalists are criticized today for any number of things. They’re biased and even evil. They invent stories and propagate fake news, an allegation, by the way, that’s as dangerous as it is wrongheaded and ridiculous. That’s not what good journalists do. Period. Good journalists are vital…

  • Transparent doesn’t mean invisible

    It seems like all public officials celebrate transparency, until it applies to them. Case in point: Gov. Roy Cooper, who (years ago as attorney general) wrote the introduction to the North Carolina Guide to Open Government and Public Records for the N.C. Press Association. “The spirit with which public…