Opinion (Page 9)

  • What trends miss about teens and technology 

    Teens are tethered to technology like never before. Almost all have smartphones; many are online constantly. Those are topline findings from a new survey of American teens by the Pew Research Center. This news is no rocketing revelation to those who know and love “iGen,” the name coined by social psychologist Jean Twenge for the…

  • Labor shortage teaches policy lesson

    At its peak in 2010, the unemployment rate in the Hickory-Morganton-Lenoir metropolitan area hit 15.3 percent, the highest in modern North Carolina history. Now the region has one of the state's most acute labor shortages.

  • Congressman hopes post-summit hype leads to action on election security

    Amid the furor over this month’s Helsinki summit between President Trump and Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, one N.C. congressman sees potential for at least one positive outcome. Rep. Mark Meadows, R-11th District, hopes post-summit publicity will prompt his congressional colleagues to act on a critical issue. “This underscores what we…

  • Scare tactics to push government policies for renewable energy

    The News & Observer writes unquestioningly about another renewable energy industry report that promotes ongoing government favoritism for renewable energy. “Clean energy is becoming an increasingly important part of North Carolina’s economy,” begins the N&O. But the report itself, “Renewables on the Rise 2018” from the Environment N.C. Research & Policy…

  • The most important counties in N.C. politics today

    Everyone loves lists, and the internet age now has us addicted to them — the top-five greatest tennis grand-slam finals between left-handers, the top 10 best-looking spouses of celebrity chefs, etc.    Obviously, I jumped at the chance when asked to compile a list of such lists of North Carolina…

  • Push back on budget deficits

    State policymakers should resist the urge to treat “Washington” as a cash machine, since it has no money to spit out unless it first taxes us or borrows against future tax hikes.

  • Case for incentives strikes out

    North Carolina's tax reforms actually reduced our use of targeted tax incentives while dramatically increasing our use of pro-growth tax policy to encourage investment and job creation in the state.