Opinion (Page 9)

  • Cooper faces a pivotal choice

    Progressives want to see Roy Cooper wage years of unremitting ideological warfare. They want protests, lawsuits, and personal attacks on GOP politicians and conservative leaders.

  • A Trump realignment?

    Many astute observers of politics believe President-elect Trump had a historic election in November. The facts on the ground would seem to confirm that. Trump received 306 electoral votes and shattered the “Blue Wall” by winning Democratic strongholds in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Add North Carolina and Florida to…

  • New governor must make transparency a priority

    It’s an interesting time for news reporters in North Carolina and across the country. Newspapers, for example, are closing and consolidating. The consistency and frequency in which this is happening isn’t alarming, really. It’s been going on for a while. It does, however, portend a certain future, which is by…

  • Trump sounds the right tone on regulation

    In this age of cronyism and meet-the-new-boss-same-as-the-old-boss partisan turnstile D.C. politics, maybe it really does take an “outsider” executive to give up power voluntarily. To D.C. insiders and their likeminded media, the idea is unthinkable. They lack even the vocabulary to denounce it properly. Two days after Donald Trump won…

  • Radical changes unlikely under new superintendent

    The election of Donald Trump and the drama surrounding North Carolina’s gubernatorial race have overshadowed down-ballot, comparatively low-profile Council of State contests. Republican Mark Johnson narrowly defeated Democrat June Atkinson in the race for superintendent of public instruction. Johnson is an attorney, a member of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth school board,…

  • Liberals should rediscover federalism

    Bashing the Electoral College may be therapeutic for liberal Democrats. But if they want to respond to the 2016 election in an effective way, they should rediscover the virtues of federalism.

  • More conservative gains are coming

    If the Trump administration and the GOP Congress practice what they preach, states and localities will have far more policy room to maneuver than they had under President Obama.