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Cities differ on public safety tech

The police department in Winston-Salem uses a commercial product called ShotSpotter, a network of audio sensors and software, to identify possible incidents of gunfire and ensure a faster response to them. Since its implementation in 2021, the system appears to have reduced the number of aggravated assaults and saved at least two lives of gunshot...

John Hood

NC State players offer touching thank you to fans

For Terry and Lara Reed, along with countless other NC State fans, a final touching tribute from the ACC champion and Final Four men’s basketball team put the cherry on top of magical double Final Four weekend. For Lara, it was a trip with her two daughters to Cleveland to see NC State’s women take...

Dallas Woodhouse

Mainstream newsrooms, like universities, function best with intellectual diversity

A recent article in The Free Press, by Uri Berliner, a NPR senior editor who has worked at the iconic news station for 25 years, exposed how his organization, like many other mainstream media publications, lost the trust of the American people. Berliner identifies himself as part of the wealthy, white progressive elite, the stereotype...

David Larson

Robbing ourselves with student loan ‘forgiveness’

In honor of Financial Literacy Month, it’s worth taking a moment to consider one of the biggest financial challenges facing Americans of all generations — their student loan debt. For those who may not be familiar with the student loan process, there are two loan types that students and their parents can explore to pay...

Claire Olson

The paradox of local politics and nationalized elections

You may have noticed that, when it comes to politics, people tend to be a lot more engaged with national topics of debate than they are with the, arguably more pressing, local political challenges facing their community. You might be wondering, even as you read this, if you fit the profile yourself? Probably. Whether it...

Jeff Moore

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3 fun facts on gold, sound-money in NC history

North Carolina is known for many wonderful things — being “First in Flight,” Carolina BBQ, Biltmore Estate (the largest private residence in the US), being the home of NASCAR, and much more.  But did you know North Carolina has a strong history of gold and sound money? Here are three fun facts about North Carolina...

Joshua D. Glawson

State revenues are down this year

State Controller Nels Roseland has just released five months of reports about North Carolina’s General Fund budget. I’m told the delay wasn’t nefarious. It was caused by a change in accounting systems. Well, better late than never — but I hope the delay hasn’t lulled our leaders into complacency. Over the first two-thirds of the...

John Hood

TikTok bill is consistent with US Constitution

Ever since Rep. Mike Gallagher (WI-8) introduced House Resolution 7521 — formally known as the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act — early last month, there has been a whirlwind of responses: United States Sen. Thom Tillis, Republican of North Carolina, received a voicemail threatening his life if he voted in favor of...

Michael Bruce