Voyager 1 was a NASA spacecraft launched in 1977 to explore the universe. In 1990, after its mission was complete, it exited the solar system and turned its camera around to photograph the planets. The resulting shot shows the earth as a single blue dot in a picture of over a million pixels.

The earth is a lonely outpost of life. Outside the planet itself and our man-made satellites, our best science has shown that life doesn’t exist anywhere else. Using an array of powerful technology, science has proven that we are completely and absolutely alone without any shadow of a doubt. Sorry to all you Trekkies, especially my sincerest apologies to baby Yoda! Life on other planets is pure fiction, nothing but fantasy and entertainment.

In modern times, as our knowledge and understanding of this reality has increased, the precariousness of this condition has created great philosophical, cultural, and political forces operating with great conviction, competing with one another to control the planet’s destiny.

The predominant response is to pull out all the stops to preserve our “spaceship” earth. With no cavalry coming to our rescue and with our planet’s limited resources, everything and everyone has to be engaged to make this earth last forever, or at least for some yet-to-be-born “future generations,” who we don’t know yet, or if there will even be any future generations. This is the “rational thought” response prevalent in Western civilization today.

Presently, this response is manifesting itself in The Great Reset movement, where we must cede control to a centralized group of “smart people” to counter climate change and carefully allocate the limited non-renewable resources of the planet. President Biden recently referred to this in a speech he delivered at a business round table in Washington.

And we’re right amid these global elites playing out this exact scenario. Here in the U.S., even though we have fossil fuel resources available in quantities that would allow self-sufficiency for many generations, Biden and the Democrats are putting these resources out of reach and off-limits for the sake of “climate change.” The consequences of resource shortages and government dependency on future politics, culture, and individual circumstances are too complicated and varied to calculate. An intentional crisis is being created that is designed to cause a calculated, desired, and chaotic impact.

It doesn’t take a prophet to understand that this global, one-world, communist, Jim Jones-like, nature-worshipping cult’s first order of business will be to determine who gets to stay and who gets voted off the island. You can’t put the brakes on modern civilization like this without someone going through the windshield. And by creating chaos and dependency, they get to choose who goes and who doesn’t, and it’s not going to be any of them!

Where have we seen this play before? Well, a manuscript describes how this manifestation of science and knowledge integrates with technology, and this ultimately destroys the world. Fictional writings like “1984” and fringe opinion pieces like “The Unabomber Manifesto” may come to mind, but no, that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Believe what you may, but the Bible describes the things happening right now with 100% accuracy. Covid and how it’s impacted the world is clearly described in Revelation 6:2. As we see Covid fading from the scene after two years (almost to the day), Revelation 6:3-4 begins to manifest, starting with the war in Ukraine and peace being removed from the earth. There is every reason to believe the additional events described in the early verses of Revelation 6 will continue to unfold as time goes on.

In addition, there is a startlingly accurate description of another matrix of circumstances being assembled many conservatives will recognize. What is shocking is that this assemblage is not only described in Scripture, but it includes a frightful prediction as to where this is ultimately headed.

Revelation 13 describes two beasts. The first comes up out of the sea. The second comes out of the earth. The first beast is atheistic secular science (along with the educational system that supports it), and the second beast is technology. The passage describes how these two forces join with a synergy that demands total obedience from all the inhabitants of the earth. The Great Reset is nothing new; this was predicted over 2000 years ago.

“In these difficult times…” was the phrase frequently mentioned in many television and radio commercials during Covid. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how things are stacking up politically, economically, and internationally, creating even more difficult times ahead, which will likely be far more stressful than Covid. But being aware of the extreme and severe consequences associated with conforming with this coming new age philosophy is essential for the spiritually-minded.

Additionally, Christian believers living in these times should view this as a privilege. Even if extreme and stressful, these times are just part of God’s plan; He has everything in control. Like Voyager, may we look back and see our small part in the rescue of the lost as hugely important in this last great movement of God.

Nelson Paul is a real estate agent, former NC Coastal regulator, inventor, husband, father of four, and a grandfather of seven.