Below are a few of the stories that caught my attention this week. At the Carolina Liberty Conference, we heard from Seth Dillon of the Babylon Bee. Dillon had a great line from his speech, saying, “It is very difficult to parody a world that is a parody of itself.” The stories below aren’t satire, but the line between what we think is satire and what is actual news is increasingly blurred today.

VIDEO: UC Berkeley professor under fire for ‘abolish white people’ comments

“That’s why I am coming up with this recent understanding that to abolish whiteness is to abolish white people. That’s very uncomfortable perhaps, but it asks about our definitions of what race is and what racial justice might mean.”

This is from Professor Zeus Leonardo at UC Berkeley. And yes, genocide is certainly uncomfortable.

Cultural Marxism literally could have you killed because of the color of your skin.

Nikole Hannah-Jones mocked for claiming Europe ‘not a continent,’ calling Ukraine alarm a racial ‘dog whistle’

Europe is indeed a continent. I even double-checked with three different dictionaries. Additionally, race obsession is not healthy personally or for society at large.

FEMA Encourages Survivors of a Nuclear Holocaust To Mask, Socially Distance

This really should be a Babylon Bee piece. As I told my colleague Jon Sanders, “Statism wants your last breath on earth.”

And you’re probably thinking that “duck and cover” was stupid?

Missouri university slammed for referring to Women’s History Month as ‘Womynx History Month’

Spelling is getting really bad on college campuses.

Americans should get ready for $5 a gallon gas, analyst warns

When I lived in Kentucky for graduate school, I used to drive through the hills and hollers listening to bluegrass music in my jeep. It’s a beautiful state, and it was a way for me to collect my thoughts. Of course, those days are long gone, given rising gas prices.

High gas prices are depressing because it was all so avoidable. On top of that, it hurts the poor the most. We desperately need energy independence.