Below are a few of some of the wild and interesting stories that caught my attention this week. On a serious note, I do want to say that my heart aches for the parents who lost their kids because of a violent and deeply disturbed teenager in Uvalde, Texas. As a father, I can’t imagine life without any of my kids and my prayers are truly with all those who have lost children.

University drops sonnets because they are ‘products of white western culture’

We are canceling true beauty all over the place. The sonnets are some of the most enchanting arrangements of words, especially in the English language. Today, we even try to cancel the beauty of women by putting up false constructs of women on display in popular culture. It’s wild. Who thinks this is good? Leftist ideology destroys wherever it takes hold.

Biden’s public approval falls to 36%, lowest of his presidency

A new Civitas Poll released yesterday has President Biden’s approval at 33% in North Carolina. Still, 33% is not bad given all the bad economic news and overall failures of leadership.

Beto Makes the Texas School Shooting About Him by Crashing Gov. Abbott’s Press Conference

This stunt to crash a press conference in Uvalde, Texas by Robert “Beto” O’Rourke was incredibly tacky. Unimaginable and horrific tragedies are not the time to jump on your political soapbox. Also, Beto has changed his position multiple times on gun control merely for political expediency, which makes his posturing even more ridiculous.

SFUSD drops the word ‘chief’ from job titles to avoid connotation with Native Americans

Embarrassing. Does anybody really think that actions like this are doing any good?

Also, the word origin of “chief” is not even Native American but French. San Francisco is so far gone. On a flight to Texas a couple of years ago I sat next to a guy who was fairly left-wing but he told me SF “is now so crazy I can’t wait to get out.”

Cops now say Salvador Ramos entered school ‘unobstructed,’ wasn’t shot dead for nearly an hour

There needs to be a ton of accountability to how the events unfolded as more information pours out on the response by law enforcement in Uvalde.

San Francisco Bay Area Gas Station Nears $8 Per Gallon

What a disaster this administration’s energy policy has become. I get a big part of the strategy is to drive prices so high that it kills demand for oil but I’ve never seen such political suicide before either.

‘How to Murder Your Husband’ Writer Convicted of Murdering Husband

If only her poor husband had taken more interest in her writing.