Mama bears. The image that comes to mind is a giant female grizzly going berserk upon realizing something or someone has come between her and her baby. My wife says “I bore that child in pain,” and all of that pain, and more, will come down on anything, or anyone, threatening that divine biological womb-bond.

It doesn’t take too much of the wrong circumstances to transform a 5 foot-5-1/2 inch, gentle, sweet, 126-pound babe into a giant, vicious, wild, raging demon. Some of you know what I’m talking about!

For those who don’t, two examples stand out, one past, and one recent, that drove this understanding home in spades.

One summer Sunday, many years ago, the minister had said “amen” and we picked up our kids and headed to the car. When we exited the door, the ambient temperature was about a 1,000 degrees, and the conversation was about lunch and children behaving.

Upon reaching our minivan, a sudden uproar occurred involving a lady a couple of cars over. She had accidentally locked her keys in the car — along with her infant!

I walked over and asked for a coat hanger. But as the seconds ticked off, we couldn’t find one. In those brief moments, the hysteria of the mom was increasing exponentially. Literally, a crowd was gathering. After about four or five more seconds, of what is now turning into a full-fledged meltdown, a man stepped up and suggested he break the window, to which the mom heartily agreed. With the window broken, and doors opened, I walked off, as the mom was clutching the child like it had been lost in the woods for a week!

The second incident was recent and more remote. Just this past week, a lady in an airport, waiting for a flight, went berserk and threw a computer monitor at an airline employee at the gate. Why? She couldn’t find her kids.

Apparently, while she was distracted (phone?!), her kids went to the restroom. When she looked up and they weren’t there, she went crazy and accused the desk agent of taking them! Dem mama bears can sometimes be dangerous!

“All ages” transgender drag performances have been popping up all over the state during the past year. These performances seem to operate without much notice in the urban areas but have met significant resistance when promoted in N.C. rural communities.

The most publicized drag performance in North Carolina has been in Southern Pines. This particular show gained national attention as some tried to tie it to the Moore County Grid Attack that left thousands of residents without power for nearly a week.

Promoters blamed the protesters, saying the grid sabotage was a desperate last resort to stop the show. However, the show proceeded even with the loss of power, by “cellulight” — the flashlight function on spectators’ cell-phones. There is nothing more heroic for a leftist than defiant self-righteousness triumphing over an opponent’s moral standard!

Recent reporting by Jackson Elliott of the Epoch Times regarding an “all-ages” drag show in Knoxville, Tennessee, makes some interesting observations that have implications to recent events here in North Carolina.

According to Elliott, drag-show performances enjoy immunity from sexually oriented business zoning laws. And even though these events oftentimes specifically target children — in violation of state laws — police and prosecutors allow them to operate with impunity. Elliott also observed the shows have an inexplicable relationship with armed Antifa, when protesters are active.

I’ll go out on a limb here and make a prediction. The perpetrators of the Moore County Grid Attack will never be identified. It may have all been just an unfortunate coincidence, however, events moving the leftist Democrat agenda forward trend towards having no resolution.

There’s the Supreme Court leak, the Russian Collusion Hoax, the origins of COVID-19, and others. Need I go on?

With the recent omnibus passage, and the priorities contained herein, there is going to be complete societal inundation with everything transgender this coming year.

The targeting of children with wildly twisted adult concepts about sex will continue to be a major point of tension. One can only assume the most devious motives imaginable for those making it a priority.

Despite all the leftists efforts, crossing mothers is fraught with hazard. We should expect, in the future, more and more moms coming out the woodwork, deliberately and peacefully speaking before boards and running for political office. We should welcome and encourage this.

Beware them mama bears!