White House Spox Karine Jean-Pierre Refuses To Say If Biden Is Weaponizing DOJ, FBI Against Political Opponents

Certainly, not the reassurance many of us were hoping for right now. A simple “no” seems like a more ideal answer.

After 35 years missing, an Air Force captain mysteriously reappeared in the Bay Area

I vaguely remember reading something about this case a decade or so ago. At any rate, it’s a pretty wild story worth reading.

Mercedes driver involved in 13 prior wrecks before crash that killed 5, DA says

“The nurse accused of killing five people last week when her Mercedes plowed into traffic at a busy Windsor Hills intersection had been involved in 13 previous crashes, Los Angeles County prosecutors alleged Monday in charging her with murder.”

Such a sad story. Lives snuffed out, including a baby, unborn child—an entire family, all because of gross recklessness. This all happened in broad daylight so some are speculating it was suicidal. She basically used her vehicle as a missile. The video is truly horrific and details of the carnage at the scene are heartbreaking.

IRS Deletes Job Posting Seeking Applicants Willing to ‘Use Deadly Force’

The IRS just deleted it, so we’re all good, right? Right? Amazingly, some are cheering for this kind of boot on the neck of their fellow Americans.

Biden, WH claims US has ‘zero inflation’ despite annual rate remaining 8.5%

It’s like the “name it claim it” prosperity gospel, but for politics.


Even though mask mandates are optional at her school, supposedly you’re “racist” and “ableist” if you don’t comply with her demands. At best, it’s akin to name-calling on a playground. Yet, these are supposedly not just adults, but professionals.