Below are just a few stories that caught my attention this week. Everything is going to be heating up as we head into the November midterm elections so keep paying attention to this page because—and this is unfortunate—but I expect everything to get a little crazier out there when the ideologues don’t get their way.

Harris Teeter, Kroger face backlash for pulling pro-America items after complaints: ‘Get woke, go broke’

Apparently, some koozies being sold depicted a bald eagle with a shotgun and Thomas Jefferson with a semi-automatic rifle. Christy Clark is a candidate for NC House and flipped out and told the two grocery chains to remove them and they totally bent their knee to this craziness. I really don’t think criminals are receiving their motivation from patriotic koozies.

Biden looks everywhere to lower gas prices — except boosting oil production

Biden is desperate for relief at the pump only because he wants to solve the political problem of his own unpopularity heading into the midterms. He’s done the opposite from a policy perspective by limiting domestic drilling but his desperation has grown so frantic that he says gas station owners should just lower prices.

Clearly, Biden is choosing to ignore oil commodity markets, or perhaps he’s really that ignorant on the issue and thinks it’s the owners of gas stations who set the price at the pump. Forget that gas stations only receive a few cents of profit on every gallon sold. Let’s hope Biden’s grasp of economics improves.

Chicago cops barred from chasing people on foot who run away

The article mentions crime is up 34% in one year. While there is a myriad of reasons for increases in crime, I feel like this new policy is much more likely to hurt the city than being beneficial. The much broader concern is making sure dangerous criminals are locked up instead of allowing them to be unleashed by woke prosecutors.

Group of 30 House Democrats push Pelosi to bring police funding legislation for a vote to show constituents the caucus is doing something to address spiking crime

Even some of Pelosi’s caucus is waking up to the fact that Woke soft on crime policies are not a winning formula.

Enraged Keith Olbermann calls for Supreme Court’s dissolution after New York concealed carry ruling

Where Keith Olbermann channels past segregationist governors. What a clown.

Man who refused to say if he was pregnant turned away from blood donation clinic

This story comes from the UK. What else can one really say at this point?