Below are a few of the stories that caught my eye this week. I’m kind of wondering now what the next crazy Madison Cawthorn story is that will drop in the news cycle. Your guess is probably as good as mine.

Biden says MAGA ‘most extreme’ group in recent US history, warns gays may face segregation

President Biden promised to unite the country. I think it’s safe to say that the objective is not going well. In fact, it’s hard to imagine it going much worse.

The View: Biden Staff Launching Racist ‘Microaggressions’ at Kamala

Basically, if you don’t worship Vice President Harris you are racist. Even if you agree with her politically. What a mess the left has become. At least they are devouring their own here.

Levi Strauss to reimburse abortion travel for employees

Unsurprisingly, there is a growing trend with woke corporations signaling that they cherish abortion. So much so, that they will pay employees for having the life-ending procedure. I’m sure they view it as a cost-saving measure because it’s cheaper for them than maternity leave and they can signal their abortion advocacy at the same time. Creepy though.

Video clip appears to show Rep. Madison Cawthorn nude in bed with another man

Cawthorn reassures us that it was just a joke. Honestly though, what a mess this guy is right now.

NASA to launch naked pictures of humans to space in hope of ‘attracting aliens’

We’re betting on aliens desiring unsolicited nudes. Risky. Actually, just read the article and it makes more sense.

Threats Force Justice Alito to Cancel Public Appearance

Relax. I’m sure the threats were of the mostly peaceful variety.