The opinion desk will start compiling some fun and outrageous stories from the week for readers of Carolina Journal. Some will highlight the absurdity of some of our political news or outrageous policy proposals, while others speak to moments from a crazed culture. Offering short commentary under the link to the story, I’ll mix it up on what we’re including, so it’s never a predictable space. The point is to have some fun while informing readers about stories that might have been overlooked from the week.

There’s a lot of heartwarming news out there, too. I’ll include that from time to time.

Here are a few stories that caught my eye.

A former stripper and a monkey are in the middle of bizarre college football rumor

How does one refrain from clicking on this headline from the New York Post? That takes serious impulse control. This clickbait headline totally lives up to the hype, too.

PETA calls for MLB to change term ‘bullpen’ to the ‘arm barn’ to be sensitive to cows

I guess being so outrageous is a good way to get free headlines and publicity. To their credit, PETA is the master of that tactic. Just don’t tell them how baseball gloves are made.

MSNBC Guest on Winsome Sears: ‘There Is a Black Mouth Moving But a White Idea Running on the Runway of the Tongue’

Wow. Imagine being so imprisoned by an ideology that all you can do is reduce people you disagree with to race. It’s interesting that so many on the left project onto the right the hatred they themselves feel inside.

Virginia votes as poll expert says ‘white backlash’ could power Republican win

You can always scream racism if you don’t like the results.

Joe Manchin blockaded in his car by climate protesters who claim he tried to run them over

It’s a lot easier not to get run over if you aren’t trying to block a vehicle from being driven away. Seriously though, this growing trend of blocking traffic and throwing public political tantrums will not end well.