Call a spade a spade. The inflation slew caused by both President Biden’s failed policies and Washington bureaucrats is no longer a crisis – it has rapidly evolved into an outright catastrophe. Republicans have been expedient in not only identifying the real causes of skyrocketing inflation, but also showing how inflation has impacted the lives of every American across this country. The same cannot be said, however, for the political elites in Washington, nor most Democrats in both the House and Senate. Ron Klain, the current White House Chief of Staff, once claimed that inflation is a “high-class problem.” Why doesn’t he take that argument to the American people and hear what they have to say?

We learned just last week that inflation had jumped in January by 7.5 percent compared to last year – a fresh 40-year high. The last time inflation was this high, “Dallas” was the number-one show on television, “E.T.” the Extra Terrestrial came out in theatres, and “Rosanna” by Toto won “Record of the Year” at the Grammys. But what’s particularly interesting is that Democrats are just now realizing that inflation may very well be the coup de grâce to their political agenda.

Let’s use this past Sunday’s Super Bowl as an example of how bad the inflation rash has become – with no talcum power in sight to fix it. As Americans entered supermarkets across the country to buy all the staples for their Super Bowl spreads, they came across prices that made them grip their wallets.

The price of two-liter bottles of soda is up 12%. The cost of beef is up 16%. The cost of chicken is up 10%. Even eating out is beginning to cost an arm and a leg – with costs up almost 7%. Again, no matter where we may turn, inflation is nipping at our heels.

Inflation like what we’re experiencing today is not a crisis. It is not transitory as the White House incorrectly claimed. Nor is it a high-classs problem.” It is a catastrophe that has only grown worse during every month of Joe Biden’s presidency. It’s simple: call a spade a spade.

U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx represents North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District and is Republican Leader of the House Committee on Education and Labor.