Despite the massive firewall for Democrats in Northern Virginia, their party recently dispatched Barack Obama to rescue Terry McAuliffe’s sinking campaign for governor.

Republicans haven’t won a single statewide race in Virginia since 2009. Four Northern Virginia counties essentially dictate the direction of the entire state. Yet, if Glenn Youngkin doesn’t win the governorship in this environment, one wonders if it will ever happen again for the GOP.

Democrat enslavement to wokeness ideology is giving the opposition legitimate hope this year. Most polls show the governor’s race tied and Republicans with a chance to take back the legislative branch.

Despite spewing vitriol in the current race, famed political consultant James Carville is right when he warned his own party by stating the truth: “Wokeness is a problem, and we all know it.”

It doesn’t seem very woke, slang for “aware,” to cover up a young girl being sodomized in a school bathroom by a biologically male student wearing a skirt. This all occurred during Loudoun County’s controversial push to give students the right to use the bathroom or locker room facilities of their chosen gender identity.

Not only did administrators feign knowledge of the assault, but they also shipped the student to another school to rape again.

That doesn’t seem very woke, either, but for ideologues, the political agenda is more important than protecting rape victims. Wokeness creates pecking orders, and sure, girls are higher than boys, but far below other identity and victim groups today.

This all happened in Loudoun County, Virginia, and it’s not helping McAuliffe when he says, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” The message is that the mind of the student is the property of the state over and against family life and culture.

What happened to the dad trying to get answers about his daughter’s rape? He was arrested, humiliated, and ridiculed at a school board meeting.

Remember, the left suggests these people are more akin to domestic terrorists than concerned citizens.

If indeed that is the woke view, no wonder Democrats are in serious jeopardy in Virginia.

Unlike some school board personnel and administrators, hopefully, almost every American is not to the point where they think rape should be covered up for the sake of political agendas.

Obama’s attempt to drag McAuliffe across the finish line may not help much, either. Democrats are not only in political trouble but are out of touch, too.

Obama’s calling the uproar over schools “phony culture wars” and “fake outrage.” Yet, Obama has a net worth of around $70 million and his daughters went to school at Sidwell Friends — an elite private institution. For all his political skill, this isn’t an issue where Obama offers much credibility. He’s not in the trenches with concerned parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, Wake County, North Carolina, or anywhere else in this country.

Along with Democrat politicians, the Washington Post doubled down with an opinion piece, titled, “Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids’ school curriculum. They don’t.”

Democrats have a wokeness problem. Carville tried to warn them. Wokeness, combined with disastrous economic policies, will continue to take its toll, and a loss on the table in Virginia is a major story by itself.

It’s giving Republicans a chance to lead and drive the narrative on education, an issue, save school choice, that often proves elusive for them.

Still, Democrats might be able to pile up enough left-wing voters in Northern Virginia on Nov. 2 to secure victory, but it will do little to stem the coming tide of discontent.

By then, during the following November, the outrage won’t seem “fake” or “phony” at all.

Ray Nothstine is Carolina Journal opinion editor.