Not exactly, but read to the end to decide if I am right.

On Friday, July 1, I listened to a trialogue among President Biden, Gov. Roy Cooper, and Gov. Kathy Hochul of New York. 

Listen to this trialogue. Utterly absent is any mention of the other living human who might deserve a thought – the preborn child. I have deposed two abortionists. I have debated two others. All four agreed that abortion ended a living human being’s life. How can these three politicians be so ignorant of basic embryology? Maybe their grandchildren should show them an ultrasound photo of themselves.

Gov. Roy Cooper made a point that your zip code should not determine policy on “abortion care.” Really? He applies that analogy to states as if states are administrative divisions of the post office. There are thousands of differences in health care, including insurance, licensing, funding, and prevalence, depending on your state. Does Gov. Cooper really want to nationalize health care, or is that a rhetorical bone for him to throw out? Sounds good.

What else have these three forgotten? They call the decision in Dobbs an extreme decision by an extremist court. Really? Cooper has moved farther left on many issues since he began running for national office a decade ago. When he was a state House member in 1989 and a state Senator in 2005, representing the good people of Rocky Mount, he banned abortions for minors without parental consent. For years as majority leader of the Senate, he voted for and encouraged the General Assembly to support the North Carolina equivalent of the Hyde Amendment. In other words, his legislative history would be considered “extremist” by his new political friends (and his new self).

The same forgetful memory has descended upon Biden. Until he decided in the Spring of 2019 to run for president (for the third time), Joe had not yet joined the Planned Parenthood wing of his party on abortion. As a U.S. Senator for decades and vice president for eight years, he supported the Hyde Amendment (and numerous funding amendments) for decades, helping to save the lives of millions of babies. His handlers told him that he had to give up that retrograde position to ever qualify for a Democrat primary. So, he quickly took a hard left turn for the 2020 election.

I wonder if Gov. Cooper was calling then-Vice President Biden an “extremist” in 2018 after Cooper had turned over his voting card to Planned Parenthood, but before Joe did. Ask them.

Paul “Skip” Stam lives and works in Apex. He practices real estate and state constitutional law. He served 16 years in the NC House, the last 10 years as the GOP leader or Speaker Pro Tem.