Below are a few of the interesting and outrageous stories that caught my attention during the week. Sadly, there’s not enough time to highlight all of them.

Don’t call it the gypsy moth anymore: Longtime threat to Pa. forests gets a new name

Losing their identity, gypsy moths are now the latest casualty of the woke obsessed. Whatever one calls them, they are quite the pest. “Spongy moth” is supposedly the correct terminology now. Hopefully, this is at least a self-confidence booster for an insect that does nothing but leave a path of destruction in its wake.

California officials raided preschool, interviewed 2-year-olds over mask policies

“California state regulators conducted an investigation at a San Diego preschool and privately interviewed children as young as 2 without their parents’ consent about their masking practices.”

Remember when everybody wanted to live in California? It’s been a long time, I know. And, remember when they merely wanted to teach your toddlers about the birds and bees?

How a dad became ‘Enemy #1’ to teachers in Loudoun County, Virginia

It’s crazy what some schools will do to avoid any transparency and accountability. It’s almost like they are set up for the benefit of the administrators, unions, and some teachers over serving the students and taxpayers. I’d recommend reading this depressing and shocking report if you have children in public schools. You need to know what they did to this man to try and silence him.

Gas crisis: Alaska governor says ‘Biden is searching for oil anywhere on the planet except at home’

Reminds me a little of the well-known U2 song “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” 

Florida Democrats protest anti-grooming law by chanting ‘gay, gay, gay

I know the media is working overtime to turn this story into the latest outrage du jour, but I don’t see it. Most parents don’t want their very young children learning about sexual issues in schools. The text of the bill doesn’t even line up with the outrageous claims in the media and by so many politicos and activists. Parents don’t want their young kids sexualized and while activists usually run up the score in the cultural wars, they don’t appear to be winning here.