Before we get to the crazy, I do want to let all the good folks down in Florida that I’m thinking of them. I know many of you are, too. As a Hurricane Katrina evacuee, I know firsthand what a big storm can do, which is decimate homes and lives. Obviously, folks throughout North Carolina understand the seriousness of hurricanes and many of our prayers today are with the Sunshine State.

Pro-Life Activist Arrested After FBI SWAT Team Raids Home with Guns Drawn in Front of ‘Screaming’ Children

This is another scary story. It appears to be a clear example of weaponizing the justice department against so called political enemies.

Teen eco-warrior Izzy Cook rips flights to Fiji then admits to recent trip

This is already a nomination for best outrageous story of the year given just how funny it happens to be. Watch the video of Izzy Cook telling people not to go to Fiji because of climate change and then admitting her last vacation was to Fiji.

At the teen conceded that it was “pretty ironic,” but hard to tell if the hypocrisy fully registered.

Scientist at Columbia University publishes research paper claiming climate change creates hate speech.

I feel like these stories on climate change linked to hate speech have been making the rounds for years. Merely piling more research and stories on top of each other doesn’t make me any less skeptical though.

I’d bet a lot more on the breakdown of family, cultural erosion, and crumbling civil society.

What is fictosexuality? All about the real people turned on by fictional characters

I think this is called imagination. Except, here is what happens you take it way too far.

US long-term mortgage rates up for 6th week; 30-year at 6.7%

The more the government spends, the higher the cost of living.

Army’s First Trans Officer Indicted for Attempting to Give Confidential Records to Russia

Go woke get smoked (on the battlefield).

YouTube Says Giorgia Meloni Video Was Removed in Error, Restores It After Inquiry

Funny how the big tech “mistakes” only go one way.

Support for Italy’s Giorgia Meloni leads Nebraska punter to delete tweet, offer apology

As long as their officially approved opinions, you’re allowed to have them.

I’m not going to pretend like I’m an expert on Italian politics but the few clips I’ve seen from Giorgia Meloni is her saying pretty mainstream stuff if you’re a person of faith and value family life. If I see other content, I’ll gladly alter my views of her. We can’t continue down this road of cancelling people or shaming them for merely thinking outside corporate media narratives.