Wisconsin Dem Calls U.S. Founding ‘Awful’

“Things were bad. Things were terrible,” Mandela Barnes said during a question-and-answer session. “The founding of this nation? Awful.”

Barnes is the current lieutenant governor of Wisconsin and is running for a U.S. Senate seat in the state. Barnes is running against Republican incumbent Ron Johnson and it’s supposedly a tight race. I believe Johnson is considered one of the most vulnerable Republican Senate incumbents so we’ll see if Barnes pays politically for his comments or if voters are just numb to this kind of rhetoric now.

Angry Lefties Send America July 4 Birthday Cards from Hell

The left controls the White House, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House but it doesn’t seem to be assuaging their anger. Perhaps the problem is more related to internal rage than external outcomes.

Woke Coffee Shop Closes Down After Insane Demands From Even-More-Woke Employees

Woke leftists are increasingly eating their own. This is what happens in Marxist cultures as ideological zealotry becomes a loyalty test.

I say Marxist because the workers demanded the owners redistribute the store to the workers. Classic Marx.

The social media age is helping to fuel increasingly illogical forms of wokeism and much of it is about attention and higher grievance status.

National Education Association teachers union proposes resolution to change ‘mother’ to ‘birthing parent’

We’ve advanced so much as a society we are struggling to answer “what is a woman?” Still, some call it progress.

Twitter blocks Locke’s exposure of teachers’ union agenda

“I obtained the source document from a publicly accessible website, so I would not consider any tweet containing information from that document to be private,” said Locke’s Terry Stoops. “The truth is that NEA bosses wanted to keep its conference agenda private because it laid bare their obsession with social justice and appalling disregard for the needs of public school children and educators.”

Stoops was thrown in Twitter jail for supposedly exposing renewed mandatory masking and vaccine policies (not to mention all the other social engineering activism). Activists, of course, want to keep their agenda secret given its unpopularity with taxpayers and parents. Not surprisingly, Twitter seems willing to oblige in keeping the agenda hidden.

Angry customers caught on camera trashing NYC eatery, hurling items at workers

Soft on crime woke prosecutors and entitlement culture are a toxic mix. Anybody surprised that rage is on the uptick?

Lightfoot, Who Yelled ‘F*** Clarence Thomas,’ Complains About ‘Toxicity In Our Public Discourse’

Politics is literally breaking people. What a clown show.

Department of Health and Human Services hands NYU $40,000 grant to probe why kids ‘favor Whiteness and maleness over other identities’

The effort to divide Americans is relentless.