Hillary Clinton warns ‘right-wing extremists’ could ‘steal’ 2024 election

A whole lot of projection going on here. Maybe it’s another one of those “vast right wing conspiracies” Clinton loves to fall back on when something isn’t going her way.

Are the elections fair and secure or not?

Pelosi insists Democrats should ‘change that subject’ on inflation in last-ditch effort to ‘inspire’ voters

“The fact is that when I hear people talk about inflation … we have to change that subject,” Pelosi said. “Inflation is a global phenomenon. The European Union, the U.K., the British have higher inflation rate than we do here. The fight is not about inflation,” she insisted. “It’s about the cost of living.”

The simple fact is we need a much tighter monetary policy. We can’t continue to print way more money than the government takes in for taxes and not expect an inflationary environment. It deflates the value of our currency, dramatically diminishing the savings of the middle class and everybody’s purchasing power. When governments inflate debt away, it’s the Americans who can least afford it who pay the most.

Suspect in NYC ‘knockout-game’ subway attack held on $20K bail: ‘Why am I in trouble?’

Honestly, given the soft on crime policies in New York City today, it’s a fair question.

‘I don’t want to be a pawn’: Fiancé of Raleigh mass shooting victim feels city-sponsored event was too politically charged

The fiancé of one of Raleigh’s mass shooting victims told WRAL News that he feels used after participation in Sunday’s city-sponsored Raleigh Healing Together event.Rob Steele, who was set to marry Mary Marshall this upcoming Saturday, said he feels lied to and that the event carried too much of a political tone, in his opinion. He said he’s apprehensive to engage in future events.

“I am not naïve,” Steele said. “I knew there would be some political conversation, but the event was supposed to be about the victims, about healing.

“It wasn’t supposed to be majority gun control and gun violence.”

It’s disturbing to see tragedies immediately politicized now for a partisan agenda. It’s been going on a long time. Secularism is one factor and the belief that government has some sort of transcendent power to cure our collective ailments.

I remember the chicanery during the funeral of former Sen. Paul Wellstone in Minnesota. It was gross and disgusting to observe. We can’t find deeper meaning in partisan politics. It can’t explain so many of the societal breakdown we face today. All hyper-politicization does is empower the individuals who clamor for more power and control. Yes, violence is a real problem, but we don’t solve that by tearing apart our Constitution or making unreasonable demands of the law-abiding citizens. Nobody wants to die of gun violence. I sure don’t, and I definitely don’t want my family to be victims. Yet, we aren’t going to solve this crisis by grabbing legal firearms.

Making government more powerful and dictatorial only reduces the human person as he relates to the state. We are not the servants of the government. Let’s forcefully call out politicians on both sides who engage in this distasteful and unproductive political buffoonery.

Wisc. School Board Passes Sexually Explicit Curriculum, Despite Protests, Violating 1st Amendment in Process

Counter protesters showed up as well, holding “pride” flags, but when questioned by Michell, herself a lesbian woman, they admitted they were straight. It’s hard to understand why straight people are waving gay flags in support of giving explicit material to kids. Michell told them what she thought of it very plainly.

“You’re making the gay community look really bad,” Michell told them, “by supporting the sexualization, indoctrination, and mutilation of children’s bodies.” The women just stood there, mute, waving their rainbow flags.

Pay attention to your school board elections. I’ll admit one time in my life I gave it little attention. No more.

New York and New England start RATIONING heating oil before winter as stockpiles slump by 70% and fears rise that families will be left in the cold

Take a good hard look at our current energy policy.

Biden: My Legislation Says There Can Be No More Than 8 Bullets in a Round

Clearly a gun expert.

Seriously, I feel like you should possess a modicum of knowledge on firearms if you are going to be actually introducing federal legislation.

Biden Thinks Airlines Charging for Extra Leg Room Hit ‘People of Color’ the Hardest

We all hate the stupid airline fees but why even make it all about race?

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Compares Fetterman to Winston Churchill, FDR, and Bernie Sanders in ‘Painful to Watch’ Monologue

What’s Bernie’s illness?

German climate activists throw mashed potatoes on Monet painting

This is the growing woke trend of climate activists. They think property damage and bratty behavior brings attention to their self-righteous cause. I’m pretty sure it just further highlights their brattiness. I definitely don’t want these people in charge of my bank account or life.