Animals are victims of ‘human supremacy,’ growing student organization claims

“Students Opposing Speciesism” is the name of the organization.

I think all of us are for proper and humane treatment of animals but it’s interesting this group wants to strip people of their humanity.

How convenient.

Hyperwoke librarian at $60,000-a-year NYC private school who believes that gender is fake outrages parents with tweet saying ‘Burn straight white male librarianship to the ground’

Amazing that this person still has a job. Welcome to our future.

However, what if you dissent from this crazed illiberal librarian?

‘But if you speak up about this publicly your kid is likely to get kicked out of school and you and your husband could lose your job. It’s not fair.’

UChicago retracts no-whites allowed med school stipend program

Because it’s against the law.

Jim Crow isn’t any better if you just slap woke next to it.

WHISTLEBLOWER: FBI Officials Instructed Agents Not to Investigate Hunter Biden’s Laptop Before 2020 Election

Government and law enforcement agencies colluding for preferred politicians is never a good look.

And then this from Nate Silver:

NC ‘Pride’ Event Features Strippers Pole-Dancing With Children

Ironically, the link is not kid friendly at all.

Healthy cultures and strong families matter.