The View Cries ‘Tremendous Voter Suppression,’ But ‘Huge Turnout’

In many states today they can literally harvest a ballot for you. Where’s all the voter suppression?

Nevermind. It’s opinions from “The View.”

The constant cries over voter suppression is one of the dumber narratives in this nation. Honestly, it would be nice if everything in life was as easy as voting.

NBC’s Tur: There Are ‘Some Variables,’ But You ‘Wonder’ about Fetterman as a POTUS Nominee

Not really outrageous anymore. Many might even consider Fetterman an upgrade from the current occupant.

Should you save a dying stranger if you know they eat MEAT? Oxford philosopher controversially argues that it can be ethical to let them die because of the suffering they cause to animals (and he’s not even a vegan!)

Is there no end to the weirdness?

Lauren Boebert ‘Gain for OnlyFans,’ Says Dem Strategist as She Faces Defeat

Misogyny is cool and funny in this instance because she’s a “MAGA” type.

Also, if one cares, the vote spread is currently under 65 as of this writing, so it’s far from clear that the outcome is over. A little less than 5% of the vote still has to be counted in the Colorado district.

Of course, political tribalist are furiously claiming their preferred side is going to win this race.

Update, 9/10 at 1:14 pm: Boebert takes lead in Colorado House race. This is a crazy close contest that will likely go to a mandated recount.

After student loan forgiveness, 73% of borrowers plan to spend more on travel and dining out

As usual, the taxpayers are the ones that get played by vote buying…over and over again.

Joe Biden: Rising Inflation ‘Will Take Time’ to Get Back to Normal

I’m more worried about how the politicians define “time” and “normal.”

Democrat re-elected by a landslide in Pennsylvania – even though he’s dead

While we’re incredibly saddened by the loss of Representative Tony DeLuca, we are proud to see the voters continue to show their confidence in him and his commitment to Democratic values by re-electing him posthumously,” the Pennsylvania House Democratic campaign committee said in a tweet.

A special election will follow soon.

Bringing a little more literalism to the term “low information voter.”

In all seriousness, while it’s a funny headline, DeLuca was running against third party candidates and many voters likely preferred triggering a special election rather than electing a Green Party candidate.

I’m addicted to my big lips — doctors say I could die but I won’t stop

It’s a free country, or it used to be, anyways.

As Looney Toons says, “That’s all Folks!”